Sky Deals 2021 – New Customer Offers, Review, Packages and Prices

Compare all the very latest deals on Sky TV, broadband and call bundles for March 2021.
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Editors Pick

Sky deal
100+ Channels
500+ Box Sets
Free Sky Q setup
Average speed 59mb unlimited
Add calls from £5 p/m
£29.95 – £39.95 Set-up*
From £62 / £39 a month
Sky TV Sale
Save £414

18 month contract
Limited time offer

Standalone Broadband Deal

Sky Broadband deal
Sky Broadband Superfast
FREE Sky Q WIFI setup
Average speed 59mb unlimited
Add calls from £5 p/m
Line rental included
£19.95 / £9.95 Set-up
£32 / £26 a month
Sky Broadband Sale
Discount Subscription & Set-up

18 month contract
Limited time offer

Sky TV + Netflix £25 Offer

Sky Netflix Flash Sale
Sky TV Entertainment
+ Netflix & Box Sets in HD
FREE Sky Q setup
Optional: Discount TV Packs
Optional: Add Broadband from £14
Up to £49 Set-up*
£36 / £25.00 a month
Sky TV Sale
Save £198

18 month contract
Limited time offer

*Sky set-up costs: Sky TV: New Customers £20, Existing Customers up to £49.
Sky TV and Broadband packages: New Customers £29.95, Existing Customers £39.95
Prices may change during this period

*’Editors Picks’ are based on value-for-money, subscription discounts and rewards such as vouchers and free gifts. Highlighted offers should always be considered and compared to the market to ensure you have found the most suitable service.

Flash Sale: The latest Sky Sports upgrade deals for existing customers

Help choosing a Sky deal as a new customer in 2021

Sky services now span satellite TV and fibre broadband, to international call packages and mobile phone price plans. Sky leads the way with its comprehensive TV bundles, and is still arguably the main player in the UK when it comes to sports. However, BT are now a serious challengers, so it is worth looking at what both providers have lined up in the coming 12 months. The good news is that BT Sport is now available direct from Sky, so there’s no need to have two bills landing from different providers.

Sky was the first provider to offer new customers rewards for signing up online. Free shopping vouchers and gadgets (such as a free TV or tablet), were frequently advertised as part of a Sky deal. However, in recent times Sky as moved away from theses kind of offers with the exception of Sky Mobile. If and when incentive rewards do make a come back, it is worth noting that free vouchers and other gifts need to be claimed within 90 days of your services being activated.

Current discount subscription offers are normally automatic, which means the price reduction shown in your Sky basket is the price you will pay.

Sky TV bundles

Standard in-contract pricing listed – please see our comparison tables » above for the latest offers.

Sky Signature » costs £25.00 per month (see promotions): 22 free-to-air HD channels and more than 100 premium channels not available on FreeView.

Sky Signature + Kids bundle » costs £30.00 per month (see promotions): 22 free-to-air HD channels and all of Sky Entertainment, with more than 100 premium channels not available on FreeView. Kids App with access to over 5000 kids on-demand episodes, and 11 premium childrens’ channels not available on FreeView.

Sky Signature + Ultimate TV Add-on bundle » costs £31.00 per month (see promotions): 22 free-to-air HD channels and all of Sky Entertainment, with more than 100 premium channels not available on FreeView. More than 500 box-sets on-demand and Netflix.

Sky Signature + HD bundle » costs £31.00 per month (+ Ultra HD = £35 per month): 22 free-to-air HD channels and all of Sky Entertainment, with more than 100 premium channels not available on FreeView. More than 40 additional HD channels.

Sky Signature + Cinema bundle » costs £41.00 per month (see promotions): Sky Cinema boasts all 11 dedicated channels of movies in HD, and a new premier everyday 12 months ahead of other providers. 22 free-to-air HD channels and 100 premium channels from the Sky Entertainment not available on FreeView.

Sky Signature + Sports bundle » costs from £48.00 per month (see promotions): Up to 10 Sky Sports channels, 22 free-to-air HD channels and 100 premium channels from the Entertainment bundle not available on FreeView.

Sky Complete bundle » costs £86.00 per month (see promotions): Over 100 premium HD channels and 350 box-sets on-demand. Kids App and 100 premium channels not available on FreeView. 11 dedicated Sky Cinema channels and all 10 Sky Sports channels.

Sky broadband packages

Sky’s relatively new Fibre broadband network is on par with BT’s. However, Virgin Media still hold the crown for the fastest widely available network in the UK. It all depends on your requirements. If you live in a Sky Fibre network area – then you can expect an average of 59mb broadband speeds – which is more than adequate for most households.

Broadband options

Standard pricing – see current promotions:

Sky Broadband Essential » with an average speed of 11mb costs £27.00 per month
Sky Broadband Superfast » with an average speed of 59mb costs £32.00 per month

And the Kit?

Sky Q now comes as standard replacing the old Sky+HD box. The Sky Q box is is UHD (Ultra HD) ready and has a 1TB hard drive. Record over 500 hours of SD content and watch Sky TV in up to 4 rooms of your home, or on 2 Tablets anywhere. You can even record 6 channels at one while watching a 7th live. The new Sky Q broadband router has also advanced, with it’s ability to link to the Sky Q box and use it as a WIFI hotspot.

Sky Multiscreen continues to be a popular option, subject to an additional £14.00 a month subscription. The first additional box is £20.00, subsequent boxes customers require cost an additional £49.00 but are not currently available at the time of your initial order.

Optional call packages

You can choose the free pay as you call option, or opt for one of three comprehensive Sky Talk packages. Sky land line is payable which costs £18.99 per month. ‘Sky Talk Evenings & Weekends Extra’ costs £5.00 per month and gives you free inclusive calls to UK landline and mobiles. ‘Sky Talk Anytime Extra’ costs £10.00 per month which includes anytime calls to UK landlines and mobiles. Finally, ‘Sky Talk International Extra’ costs £12.00 per month. This package includes inclusive anytime UK calls and international calls to over 50 destinations. You also get free mobile calls to Hong Kong, USA and Canada.

Sky Mobile

In 2017 Sky entered the mobile phone sector in the UK with the launch of ‘Sky Mobile’. Based on the O2 network, Sky set out its’ stall in a slightly different manner to their competitors. Sky says that their service is based on flexibility. One of the first things that stands out from the crowd is that – whatever data you may have remaining at the end of the month carries over to the next. All call plans come with free unlimited calls to UK mobiles and landlines (*not premium) plus unlimited texts. For all Sky TV customers there is the additional attraction of inclusive unlimited streaming in the UK and EU of all Sky apps.

Data Allowance

Pricing varies – see current promotions:

Upon first glance Sky’s standard data pricing is fairly expensive compared to other networks. However there are offers running most of the time which brings the cost down. If you then factor-in the free unlimited streaming of Sky TV apps in the UK and EU – Sky Mobile becomes a lot more attractive for Sky TV customers. As the streaming does not eat-away at your monthly data allowance.

Data allowance call plans with inclusive calls and texts are available with various options. Including SIM-only or with the latest handsets:

  • 2GB for £6.00 a month
  • 8GB for £10.00 a month
  • 10GB for £12.00 a month
  • 20GB for £20.00 a month

The seemingly expensive cost for data can be viewed and off-set by taking into consideration the low (or no) upfront costs for the latest handsets. Find our more about Sky Mobile »

Positives & Negatives

UK’s leading TV provider
Widest range of Sports and Movies
Comprehensive bundle combinations available

Premium bundles can be expensive
Maximum broadband speeds not UK’s fastest
18 month contract one to consider

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is a Sky TV contract?

All Sky TV products and services including TV, Talk, Sky land line and Broadband packages are subject to a 18 month contract (unless otherwise stated).

How soon can I return to Sky and receive their new customer offers?

After 12 months you can once again enjoy all the new Sky customer offers. Until then you can upgrade online with existing Sky customer deals. This can include credits to your bill, free box upgrades, vouchers and changes to your current package.

How long does it take to get Sky installed?

Sky will install your free Sky mini disc, set-top box and any additional services within 2 weeks from the time you place your order. However, this can vary due to customer demand in your area, availability and the type of property you reside in. Sky will contact you at which point you can arrange an available and convenient time.

How long does it take to receive my free rewards or vouchers?

If you ordered a Sky service which included a Sky Reward offer, you need to claim your Reward within 90 days of activating your service(s). First you need to register online for a Sky account. Refer to this help page. Then login and follow the instructions to claim your reward. Unless otherwise stated, your reward is normally sent out within 30 days after making your claim.

How fast are Sky’s Broadband speeds?

Sky no provide both ADSL Broadband (via a fixed telephone land line) and Fibre Broadband (a new cable service rolling out across the UK). The ADSL service provides speeds of up to 17Mbps (depending on the distance between your residence and your local telephone exchange).
Sky’s new Fibre Broadband provides speeds of up to 145Mbps, with a promise of never slowing this speed in peak times.

What Broadband limits are there on usage?

Sky Broadband services have no limits on downloads or usage each month.

What do I need in order to watch Sky Sports and / or Sky Cinema in HD?

Both Sky Sports and Sky Cinema now come in HD as standard and at no extra cost.

Can I get BT Sport on Sky TV?

Yes, BT Sport is now available in HD as standard from Sky. Standard pricing is currently £25.00 a month. Please see latest BT Sport offers from Sky for the best deal.

Where is the best place to find Sky TV special offers?

We feature all Sky’s latest offers for both new customers and existing customers. You can also compare these offers alongside other ISP’s in the UK to get the best deal. Sky state that their best offers are available online and in our experience this is correct. This encourages people to complete their order online, keep overheads lower than normal and pass on these savings in the form of vouchers and offers.

About Sky

Sky was established in November 1990 when Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting merged. Sky is now the leading pay-per-view broadcaster in the UK with more than 11 million customers. Alongside their leading digital satellite TV service, Sky now provides Fibre (cable) and ADSL (phone line) broadband as well as fixed line telephone, Mobile phone service (based on the O2 network), Mobile TV, On-Demand and 3D TV services.

Contact Sky

Sky Address:
Sky Plc
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Sky Customer Services
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