Compare the Best Kids TV Packages

Compare the best kids TV packages including the latest deals.
See what’s on offer for May 2024 and weigh up monthly prices and upfront costs.

Comparing and buying TV packages best for Children

Choosing the best TV package for the kids is not that difficult anymore, as the choice has grown considerably recently. Just in case the little ones are not satisfied with live TV – Kids Apps have also made an appearance – and more often than not accompany TV services. This gives kids the extra choice of accessing on-demand TV, which is, more importantly suitable for them. As parents we not only want to make sure the kids are entertained, but we also like to keep an eye on what they are watching too. So parental controls are a welcomed development, and have become standard with most providers.

Most providers offer kids channels alongside other channels, so mum, dad and older siblings also have a choice. Apart from the NOW TV kids Pass (covered below), kids TV is normally in-addition to larger packages, So it really does come down to what else you want from a service. While there are just a few TV only options availble, packages including broadband and calls often prove more popular – as it normally works out less expensive when you combine your services with one provider.

Kids TV from Sky

Sky offer two options, the Variety and Box Sets bundles. Both include over 4,500 kids episodes on-demand and the ‘Sky Kids app’. The Variety bundle also includes MTV, Discovery and History channels – amoungst a whole host of documentary style channels. Making this bundle a good option for more than just the children. Opting for the pricier Box Sets bundle would also give you over 350 box-sets on-demand and over 50 HD channels – making this a good option for the whole family.
Channels include: Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, 4 channels from Nickelodeon, BabyTV, Boomarang, Cartoon Network and Cartoonito.

Kids TV from NOW TV

NOW TV and their no contract approach is ideal for some people. You can get the ‘Kids Pass‘ for £2.99 a month with or without one of their broadband bundles. There’s 6 premium channels and 1000’s of children’s TV episodes on-demand induced.
Channels include: Boomerrang, Cartoonito ,Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Nickjr and Nicktoons.

Kids TV from Virgin Media

Virgin Media’s basic TV package ‘Player TV’ just offers FreeView kids channels such as CITV, CBBC, CBeebies, and Pop. One step up to the ‘Mix TV’ package also includes channels such as Cartoon Network, Tiddlers TV, Boomerang and Tiny Pop. ‘Fun House TV’ really gets going with all the Nickelodeon channels. If you go for a top end TV package from Virgin (‘Full House’ and ‘VIP’), you’ll get the lot plus all the Disney channels some children’s channels in HD. There is also the Virgin’s Kids App, with access to thousands of hours of children’s shows and on-demand content.
Channels included:* CITV, CBBC, CBeebies, Pop, Cartoon Network, Tiddlers TV, Boomerang, Tiny Pop, all Nickelodeon and Disney channels. (*depending on your choice of TV package.)

Kids TV from BT TV

BT TV has a bolt-on Kids TV package for £4.00 a month. There’s 2000 episodes of kids TV and thousands of hours of ad-free TV on-demand Or you could go for Kids TV extra and also get 9 premium channels not available on FreeView.
Channels include: Disney, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Nickelodeon, Nick Junior, Nick Toons, Boomerang, Cartoon Network and Cartoonito.

Kids TV from TalkTalk

TalkTalk gives customers the option to add ‘Boosts’ to their standard TV packages. The ‘Kids Boost’ provides access to nine channels of kids TV, and a further seven for on-demand shows.
Channels include: Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, NickToons, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Boomerang, Cartoon Network and Baby TV.


When it comes to entertainment on the box, children of all ages are now spoilt for choice. With no clear winner between providers, the decision will come down to the type of package you need overall. A fibre broadband connection – while not a must for streaming TV on its’ own – becomes more important if you live in a busy household with multiple devices connected. Contract length may be a concern for you; NOW TV is a good option if you want to keep your existing broadband service while having flexibility. Other providers such as BT also let you pick-up and drop kids TV monthly as a bolt-on extra.

What does make a difference when most of us are deciding is what’s on offer. With competition hotting up in the telecoms sector, you can almost guarantee that you’ll be able to bag a great deal at any given moment. So with discount and reward offers available saving you money and plenty of choice – it’s not only the kids that will be pleased when you get the right deal for the whole family.