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Help choosing a Virgin deal as a new customer in 2021

Virgin Media’s broadband and call services offer a wide range of options. From ‘Talk Weekends’ to ‘Talk Unlimited Extra’, Virgin provides inclusive calls from your landline for a few pound extra each month. Virgin Broadband is the fastest in the UK and now supplies lightening fast speeds of over 500mb. Look out for discount offers as a new customer, these bring the cost right down compared to the standard pricing. Sometimes there’s the option to choose a 30 day rolling contract with most packages (instead of the standard 18 months). However, you’ll have to be prepared to pay more up-front and each month for the privilege.

And the Kit? Virgin’s Hub 3 router is the latest incarnation for it’s WIFI broadband. It does prove well in tests coping well with the speeds advertised. The ‘Virgin TV V6 box’ has 1TB of storage and you can pause, rewind and record up to 500 hours of the TV content. You can also record 6 shows at once, so the large storage comes in handy. It is also UHD (Ultra HD ready) so you can watch Ultra HD shows on your 4K TV. The lesser ‘500GB TiVo box’ is still available for entry level TV bundles, which brings the monthly cost down.


Virgin Media TV has grown in stature over the last couple of years. Deals with Sky and BT mean that you can access top premium and sports channels seamlessly. They have also introduced flexible TV packs on a one month contract, to keep up with the emerging streaming giants. Virgin’s broadband speed continues to increase. The roll out of the latest 516mb speeds (and soon 600mb+) with their VIP package blows other leading UK providers out-of-the-water. Again, look out for discount, set up and voucher offers – as Virgin Media are now the leading provider in offering regular incentives for joining. Recent deals include free Ultra HD TV’s, Smart devices, game consoles and even boxes of wine!

If it’s the fastest widely available broadband in the UK you require and a comprehensive TV and phone package – Virgin Media remains a strong contender in 2021.

Positive & Negatives

Fastest fibre broadband network
TV packages now offer comprehensive choice
Regular discounted offers & vouchers

Premium bundles can be expensive
Broadband is slowed at busy times
Installation can be costly

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is a Virgin Media contract?

Virgin now offers 18 months and 30 day rolling contracts on certain services (see our comparison table above). To benefit from the shorter contract, both the monthly and set-up costs can be higher. But this does offer the flexibility some of us need.

How soon can I return to Virgin Media and receive their new customer offers?

Virgin normally views it’s old customers as ‘new’ after a 12 month absence. This means you can enjoy the same offers as new customers, this normally means discount subscription and voucher offers.

How long does it take to get Virgin Media installed?

This can be as quick as a few days, or up to 2 weeks depending on demand in your area. You will be offered a range of dates available as part of your order online.

How long does it take to receive any eligible rewards?

Vouchers and rewards are normally sent to the email address you registered with Virgin when you signed up. This can take up to 28 days from your services going live. You should keep an eye on your inbox and spam folders just in case. Always read the terms and conditions of any offers to get a clear picture of eligibility and claiming free gifts.

How fast are Virgin Media’s Broadband speeds?

Virgin consistently comes out on top on the UK speed charts for the most widely available broadband. Currently the top speed is averaging 516mb, which is up to eight times the speed of other main UK providers.

What Broadband limits are there on usage?

No and now Virgin Media has scrapped their ‘traffic management’ system – whereby speeds used to be slowed at peak times if the network is busy.

What do I need in order to watch Sky Sports and / or Sky Cinema?

The good news is that all Sky Sports and Sky Cinema channels are available, in HD too!

Can I watch BT Sport on Virgin Media?

Yes BT Sport is available in certain packages, in Ultra HD too! Please see our comparison results for more information, offers and prices.

About Virgin Media

Virgin Media was established in 2007 with the merger completion of NTL, Telewest and Virgin Mobile. Virgin Media was the first company to offer all four digital communication services; Broadband, Digital TV, Mobile and fixed line telephone and has approximately 5 million customers in the UK.

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Virgin Media Customer Services
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