Accessibility help

“Changing font sizes and types may aid you in viewing our content more easily. You may need install a screenreader to help you navigate and use our site. Here’s how…”

Changing fonts, sizes and colours

Some people may find certain fonts difficult to read. If so you can change fonts in your browser to help you read. Similarly, font colours can be changed as some people with impaired eyesight find certain colours clash with backgrounds for example. Please see this helpful guide to changing fonts, sizes and colours in your browser.

Talking browsers

If you are using a Mac, then ‘VoiceOver’ is included with 10.4 and later versions of Mac OS. VoiceOver is a built-in screenreader which speaks text on your device ‘aloud’. To set this up please refer to Apple’s guide

Alternative premium and freeware screenreaders are available for other platforms via third parties. A free program for the partially sited called ‘BrowseAloud’ enables users to scroll with their mouse pointer and click to hear the audio interpretation for that word. You may wish to research other screenreaders such as Thunder, NVDA, SuperNova, ZoomText and NaturalReader to see which suits you best.

Magnify your screen

All internet browsers offer the ability to magnify your screen. This option is not only extremely helpful, but is also a quick and easy way to view text and images a lot easier. While the options for this vary slightly from browser-to-browser, just look for the settings icon in the top left or right of your screen. Then look for the ‘zoom’ function which is normally accompanied by the + (plus) and – (minus) symbols to zoom in and out.

How we help in our approach

We strive to make both our articles and comparison search results easy to navigate and understand. Where appropriate, we group results into helpful categories – this is best demonstrated in the ‘tab’ menus at the top of each comparison table. If you think we could improve or site and have any feedback, then please do get in touch. All feedback is appreciated and visitor’s suggestions are often implemented.