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Fast Broadband Comparison

What is the fastest home broadband in the UK?

Virgin Media consistently offers the fastest broadband in the UK. This is because Virgin have their very own fibre-optic cable network, which runs directly into the homes of their customers (subject to availability in your area). This is unlike Virgin’s competitors, which run their fibre networks to local telephone exchanges. From there, the signal is carried along fixed landlines, which results in speeds being limited to approximately 76mbps.

What can I do with super-fast broadband?

If you compare the broadband services of the 1990’s, or indeed those of just a few years ago – super-fast broadband saves us a huge amount of time online. It also allows busy homes to connect with freedom to the internet, with many devices now able to connect simultaneously.

Our following chart demonstrates what can be achieved with different speeds:

File Type V’s Speeds: 38mbps 76mbps 100mbps 300mbps
MP3 (5mb) 1 secs 0.5 secs 0.4 secs 0.1 secs
YouTube clip (50mb) 10 secs 5 secs 4 secs 1 sec
TV Show (450mb) 1 m 39 secs 50 secs 38 secs 13 secs
DVD (4.5GB) 17 m 2 secs 8 m 26 secs 6 m 26 secs 2 m 9 secs
DVD BluRay (10GB) 37 m 41 secs 18 m 50 secs 14 m 19 secs 4 m 46 secs
*Abbreviations: mbps = megabits-per-second | mb = megabytes | gb = gigabytes | m = minutes| secs = Seconds

What super-fast broadband deals are available?

Fast broadband can be expensive. So the high-end services may not offer the same incentives as slower connections. Subscription and set-up offers can still be found on some products, but you’ll have to be prepared to pay that bit more for the quickest speeds.

Fast broadband as part of a package

You should consider ordering broadband as part of a package. If this suits your requirements, bringing together your Broadband, TV and Phone bills could save you a fair bit. UK providers normally offer greater incentives and discounts if you take all these services together with them.

Can I get fast broadband without a phone line?

Yes, Virgin Media offer super-fast fibre broadband without a phone line.

How about contract lengths?

There are a range of contract lengths now offered by UK providers. Expect to sign up for around 12 – 18 months, which is typical for fibre broadband. Virgin Media now offer a rolling 30 day contract (aka ‘no contract broadband’). Just select “contract – shortest” from the drop-down menu at the top of your comparison results.

How to compare here online?

To compare the fastest broadband deals, simply go to the top of this page. Then select the most relevant option from the drop-down menu entitled “Sort your results by”. For example, you can choose to see which provider is offering the fastest speeds first. Or choose to view your results by the cheapest set-up or monthly costs.

To Conclude

Super-fast broadband is quickly becoming the service of choice in the UK. With households becoming more reliant on the internet, having a fast enough connection to handle your family’s online needs is essential. If you live alone and spend your time gaming, streaming video and file sharing, you too may also be looking to speed things up.

It’s certainly the case that UK fibre-optic / cable networks are widening, but availability is still patchy for some UK households. But don’t worry, network providers will check availability in your area before you proceed with your order. You can make a start by checking today’s deals.

Fastest Broadband – Pros and Cons

Fast Broadband?
Essential for many devices connected at once
Up to 300mb speeds now available
Best for those looking for standalone broadband
Not available to everyone
Can be expensive so look for offers
No need for super-fast for casual users