Broadband Deals without a Phone Line

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Why only Virgin Media and Vodafone?

Currently Virgin Media are the only UK internet provider which offer widely available home broadband without a phone line. This is because Virgin own and run their own independent cable network. Vodafone announced recently that it’s scrapping land line charges. So although Vodafone advertise their home broadband without a monthly line rental fee – their broadband services still require a fixed telephone line. But don’t worry, this is included in the price and set-up costs. If you don’t have a landline installed in your home, then you have a new line installed at a cost of £60.

If there any developments as-far-as others jumping on-board, then you will find all available deals here. You may wish to bookmark this page, then check back when your current contract is up?

Better Value, or Not?

Choosing Broadband without a phone line can cut down on those services that you simply don’t need. However, depending on current deals – the cost may actually be more expensive, or only a few pounds cheaper than those available with a phone line.

No Contract or Fixed term?

The good news is that Virgin Media offer a ‘no contract’ option on their Broadband without a phone line services. This is actually a 30 day / 1 month rolling contract, as this is the minimum length of your termination period.


Choosing a broadband service without a phone line is ideal for people in certain circumstances. May be you have no need for a landline, don’t watch TV and want to avoid signing up to a package. Or may be you’re happy with your current provider but like the look of a broadband service.

The ‘no contract’ options are great, especially for those of us who do not want to be tied-in to a longer term contract. Students and those of us who regularly switch location due to work etc can also benefit. However, both the set-up and monthly costs are nearly always more expensive. So the big difference with a no contract deal, is that you can expect to pay extra for the privilege.

Broadband without a landline – Summary

Speeds now up to 300mb
Save money with broadband only
‘No contract’ option ideal for some people

Virgin Media only provider to offer home broadband without a phone line
Fibre broadband may not be available in your area
Often cheaper to combine other services if needed