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Editors’ Pick

Sky deal
150+ Premium Channels
Sky TV & 500+ Box Sets, Netflix
Free Sky Stream setup
Average speed 36mb unlimited
Add calls from £8 p/m
Free Set-up (save £49.90)
£39 a month (was £43 p/m)
Prices may change during contract
24 month contract

Sky TV Sale
Save £144

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Exclusive online offer
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BT’s Value Package

BT broadband deal
129 Channels
300+ Box Sets
Free Set-top box
Average speed 67mb unlimited
Add Anytime Calls for £15pm
£30 Set-up
£50.99 a month
Prices may change during contract
24 month contract

Special offer
Free £50 MasterCard Reward

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Limited time offer
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Virgin’s Big Bundle

Virgin Media
Over 110 channels
Popular channels
Free Virgin V6 box
Average speed 262mb unlimited
Free Weekend Calls
Free Set-up (was £35)
£37 a month
Prices may change during contract
18 month contract

Subscription Discount
Save £594

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Limited time offer
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Line rental included unless otherwise stated

*’Editors Picks’ are based on value-for-money, subscription discounts and rewards such as vouchers and free gifts. Highlighted offers should always be considered and compared to the market to ensure you have found the most suitable service.

Comparing and Buying TV, Broadband and Phone Deals

New Customers versus Existing Customers

New customers are always blessed with biggest incentives, as providers jostle for position to acquire your custom. Big value shopping vouchers, free gifts (such as TV’s and Tablets) and subscription discounts are routinely offered to new customers. The best packages in relation to savings, are often those offering a discount on all parts of the package and if you are lucky, a free voucher or gift. Existing customers don’t miss out entirely, you can mainly expect upgrade offers promising subscription discounts, or a free upgrade to the latest kit if you sign up to a new contract.

A different way to find the best package deals

We have scrapped our lengthy comparison tables and changed our approach. We still bring UK consumers money-saving-deals, but carefully review the current market and pick out the best deals online today. Once you are happy and have found a suitable deal, just select the ‘see deal’ button and we will hand you over to the provider. From there you can personalise your service and complete your order securely online.

Best Packages for you – what to look for?

The good news is that by considering a package, you are almost certainly going to save money. This because network providers would rather you have all your TV, broadband and phone services combined with them. As a result, packages have become more attractive with competitive pricing, discounts and rewards. Now let’s look at the different areas of a package…

Broadband Comparison

Just as you would if you were looking for standalone services – it is worth taking the time to weigh-up each element of your package. What broadband speed is right for your household? Go for a Fibre broadband service with a speed you can afford if you have a busy household. Similarly, if you live alone and are a casual internet user, why pay for something you do not need – go for standard broadband and save money. However, look for current deals that often promote discounts for the entire contract period. You are then in a position to switch to another provider, or chat to your current provider about costs going forward.

What are the differences between standard broadband and Fibre?

Traditional broadband (or ‘standard broadband’ as we refer to it), is supplied via a fixed telephone line (known as ADSL broadband). Although still suitable for causal use, there are limitations regarding speed. The fastest speeds available in the UK via ADSL is 17Mbps. This compares to 300Mbps via fibre optic cable broadband. Virgin Media are currently the only provider in the UK which run cable-to-household fibre broadband. All other UK networks run fibre broadband to your nearest telephone exchange. Then broadband services are continued down traditional fixed lines. This is why Virgin Media consistently run the fasted broadband in the UK.

TV Comparison

Both satellite and cable TV services in the UK are comprehensive and offer something for everyone. Sports and movie lovers are spoilt for choice, while kids and documentary buffs are also given a wide range channels. You can be savvy if you are just interested in a particular service. The main providers now give you the choice to order a cheap basic TV package and ‘add-on’ for example, Sky Sports or Sky Cinema. ‘On-demand’ and ‘Catch-up TV’ are now very popular, as you are not at the mercy of live TV. Simply refer to our comparison tables to see if these services are included in a particular product.

Phone Comparison

Phone services are conveniently offered in four main categories depending on your ‘call’ requirements. Pay-as-you-go phone calls are popular – if your rarely use your land line to make calls. Off-peak calls (either inclusive calls on evenings and weekends, or just weekends) start from around £3 – £4.00 extra per month. Anytime inclusive UK calls does exactly what it says on the tin, and often includes calls to UK mobiles too. Prices are generally around the £6 – £8.00 mark. For around £12.00 extra per month, you can get inclusive anytime UK and international calls. Mobiles are also included to some countries, always check with the providers for which countries are included. It is worth noting that the costing mentioned demonstrates an approximate cost per month. This is part of your monthly subscription and not in addition to the costs published in our comparison results.

Phone line cost now included

Unless other wise stated, the cost of line rental is now included in monthly subscription costs. This development came as OFCOM (the governing body which regulates the telecoms industry), ruled that phone line fee should be included to save confusion about overall costs.

Set-up and equipment

In the competitive world of telecoms and entertainment in the UK – providers are in a race to give customers cutting edge technology to compliment their services. This is best demonstrated with the set-top boxes now available. Sky, Virgin Media, BT and others all have their own flagship set-top boxes, brimming with the latest technology. Some boast the ability in allowing you to watch 4K TV via on-board ‘Ultra High Definition’ (UHD) tuners. You can also watch and record numerous TV shows simultaneously on huge 1TB – 2TB built-in hard drives.

Again, ask yourself what do I actually need? Do I have a 4K TV which I need to view UHD channels and movies? Is HD more suitable? Do you wish to watch cable or satellite TV in more than one room (known as Multiroom or Multiscreen), if so, what are the additional costs? You can normally add Multiroom to your basket once you have decided on the package you want to go for. All the monthly and set-up costs will be outlined before you complete your order.

Broadband routers vary, but Virgin Media’s latest Hub can handle their super-fast UK record beating speeds. However, if you are going for Fibre broadband with any other provider, then the router supplied will be more than capable of coping with speeds provided. One interesting point about Sky’s latest Sky Q kit, is that the set-top box and broadband router is designed to work together. Basically, your Sky Q box is utilised and used as an additional WIFI hotspot – so you get a signal boost in the room where your Sky Q box is located.

Do I need to contact my existing provider?

If you decide that you wish to change your provider for any of these services, then you need to refer to your contract with them. There is normally a 30 day termination notice required – even if you are out-of-contract. If you are indeed out-of-contract with your old provider, then there should be no penalty for switching your TV, Broadband and phone services.

To Conclude

New customers are best placed to receive the biggest incentives in the form of discounts and rewards. ‘New customers’ can be defined buy those switching providers, or by those who have been away from a provider for more than 12 months.

With so much choice now available in the UK, it is vital that you sit down and decide which of these services you will actually use. How busy is your household online? What areas of TV content are you and your family interested in? Do you reach for the land line phone to make calls that would otherwise be free using your mobile? Or may be the cost of those necessary long distance phone calls soon add-up, so you should be considering an inclusive call package to save money?

As mentioned early, you should be saving money by combining your services into a package. However, sometimes separating your TV, broadband and calls could be better for you. Double check, for example, that whle it may cost little more by having your TV with Sky and your broadband with Virgin Media – will you be receiving a more suitable service when supplied by different providers.

Lots to consider, so let us help! Take a look at the latest deals above.

Positives & Negatives

TV, Broadband & Phone
Big incentives for new customers
Comprehensive choice & combinations
Save money by combining services

Easy to order a package not suitable
Mandatory phone line with most packages
Worth checking for separate services