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Broadband with no contract – what’s the catch?

The simple answer is… there is no real catch. However, if you are considering taking a broadband plan on a no contract term basis – then there are some details you should consider which set these kind of products apart from longer term services.

No Contract – really means 1 month contact?

This is because providers state that you need to give a 30 day notice or termination period. So really this equates to a 1 month contract.

Set-up costs

Set-up costs – which include installation, activation and your router delivery fee – are normally always more expensive than longer term contracts. This is because you are paying for the privilege of not being tied-in for a year or more. Looking at the results of our recent survey, the cost of setting-up a service on a 1 month contract are on average three-to-five times the cost of a longer term (12-18) month contract.

The kit

It is worth noting that – with any contract term, you may need to hand-back the hardware you received when signing-up, such as a set-top box or router.

Monthly costs

It’s a similar situation, monthly costs tend to be higher on short term broadband deals. But this is not true across-the-board. Virgin Media, for example, normally offer their shorter term services with the same monthly cost as their longer term deals.


No contract, 30 day rolling contract or short term broadband services are an excellent choice for those of us looking for flexibility. So the question is not really about value. Yes you may miss out on some of the those attractive discount and reward offers. But, for example, if you need to get-out-quick as you have an on-the-move lifestyle, then a short term broadband service could prove a cost effective way to get online.

No Contract Broadband Considerations

Positives and Negatives
The flexibility of not tied-in
The range of services is increasing
Just broadband or packages available

No contract really means 1 month
You may miss out on vouchers and discounts
Set-up costs can be expensive

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