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Sky TV
without Broadband

Sky Stream Deal
150+ Channels
Access Sky without a dish
Includes Sky Puck box
Free set-up (save £39.95)
£23 a month (was £28 p/m)
Prices may change during contract
18 month contract

Sky TV Sale – £5 OFF
Free next day delivery

Further TV pack discounts applied
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Virgin’s TV is not available
without Broadband

Virgin Media
100+ Channels
Fibre included
Includes Virgin 360 box
Free set-up (save £35)
£39 a month (was £78 p/m)
Prices may change during contract
18 month contract

Includes 264mb Fibre
Subscription Discount

Limited time offer
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Comparing and buying TV only deals

Using our TV only comparison service

To help you find the best deal, our comparison tables above are sorted into various categories. The different tabs on the menu bring together today’s current deals in that particular category. We have also included a ‘Packages’ tab, so you can compare what may be on offer if you combine your services. After you have selected a category, you can then prioritise various elements of the each service – by using the drop down menu on the top right.

Benefits of TV only

Looking at the current market, there are not many providers offering digital TV only. Most require you to take up a land line and broadband as part of a package. However, Sky, Virgin Media and NOW TV do offer standalone TV services. The benefits all depend on your requirements. But if you do not need a phone line, then you will already be saving over £200.00 per year on line rental.

Maybe you are happy with your current broadband and landline supplier. Or maybe you simply don’t require these additional services. One draw back if you do have separate providers for each service, is that it often works out more expensive. So it is worth checking packages and bundles to see if you can save money by combining your bills.

TV Only Comparison – what to look for?

When comparing TV only deals, look for current discounts and rewards such as vouchers or free gifts. New customers are prioritised by UK providers and nearly always get the best deals. These days TV services are a lot more comprehensive, with many different combinations providing something suitable for everyone. With arrangements between the big players such as Sky, Virgin Media and BT, many TV choices have the option to make add-on’s. For example, Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and BT Sport are popular to name but a few. There are also services which offer more kids TV or documentaries channels.

Most services are supplied with a free digital TV receiver. However, Sky for example only loan their kit to you, so if you leave after your contract has completed, they do still expect it back. Set-up and installation costs vary, regular deals often include discounts. This can be taken into account alongside contract length, monthly cost and any promotions which may be on offer. Finally, longer contract lengths often mean less to pay upfront and may also lower your monthly subscription cost.

TV On-demand may require broadband

Don’t get caught out! Unless you already have a broadband connection, you may not be able to access on-demand TV shows and movies. This is because most providers rely on a broadband connection to stream this kind of content. Virgin Media have their own cable network, providing on-demand TV without the need of a broadband connection.

Which provider offers the best set-top box?

As we are all well aware, technology is forever advancing. A perfect example of this, is the evolution of the Sky box. Sky launched its first box back in the 1990’s. We were then introduced to the Sky+ box in 2001. This revolutionized the way we watched TV, with its ability to pause, rewind and record live TV. Sky then launched the Sky+HD box in 2006, making use of developments in picture quality. In 2016 Sky introduced the Sky Q box, which is now standard and comes with UHD compatibility. The Sky Ultra HD pack (which you need to watch UHD) is £10 extra per month, meaning you can view 4K movies and content on your 4K TV. Alternatively, if you just require the HD format, then for £6 extra per month you an add 40+ more TV channels to your Sky package. It is worth noting that Sky Sports and Cinema both come in HD as standard at no extra cost.

BT has launched it own version, the ‘YouView Ultra HD box’. Virgin Media’s new flagship box the ‘Virgin TV V6 box’ completes the current UHD choice in the UK (supplied by providers). Regarding storage on the latest boxes, both BT and Virgin boxes have 1TB hard drives. Sky offers a choice between a 1TB and 2TB box.

Do I need to contact my existing provider?

If you are switching from another TV provider, then normally you need to give a 30 day termination notice, even if you are out-of-contract. If you are still in-contract with another provider, then you may be charged an early cancellation fee. This is normally based on how long you have left on your contract. It is worth researching this on your current provider’s website or giving them a quick call.

To Conclude

This all does depend on your requirements. If you have no need for broadband and a landline, then TV only services are a good way to pay for what you actually use. Or maybe you are happy with your current broadband and call arrangements. If indeed you do require these additional services, then the draw back tends to surround additional cost. Providers often discount monthly subscription costs, when services are supplied together in the form ‘packages’ or ‘bundles’.

Positives & Negatives

Digital TV Only
Pay only for TV service
Sky & Virgin Media both offer services
Regular discount offers & vouchers

Often pay more if you separate services
Not many providers offer TV only
On-demand TV may require broadband connection