EE Broadband Deals for New Customers – Compare Packages and Prices

Compare EE Broadband deals for new customers this February 2021. Find details on packages monthly prices and upfront costs. Services include weekend calls, free security software and extra data for existing EE customers.

EE Home Broadband for New and Existing Customers

EE has emerged as one of the most popular mobile phone networks in the UK. So it’s no wonder they’re trying their hand at super-fast home broadband services. Looking at what’s on offer, you first notice that there’s lots of extra’s with both EE’s standard and fibre broadband products. Such as, free ‘Norton Security Premium’ which provides protection for up to 10 devices (worth £69.99). Inclusive weekend UK landline calls and 5GB of extra data for EE pay monthly mobile customers (worth £10.00). If you are charged for ending your current contract early, then EE will also cough up £50.00 towards the cost of any early cancellation fees. You will also be pleased to hear that EE have updated their traffic management policy – customers can no longer expect to be slowed down at peak times. Meaning EE Broadband is now truly unlimited.

EE Broadband packages

Broadband options – cost includes line rental (see promotions above for discounts)

EE Broadband » with speeds up to 16mb – truly unlimited – costs £29.00 per month
EE Fibre Broadband » with speeds up to 38mb – truly unlimited – costs £33.00 per month
EE Fibre Plus Broadband » with speeds up to 76mb – truly unlimited – costs £36.00 per month
*standard prices shown – 18 month contract

And the Kit?

All services come with a free ‘Bright Box’ WIFI router, you just pay for the delivery which costs £7.00 (however, see current offers). The Bright Box 1 router is supplied for standard broadband and Bright Box 2 for fibre.

Digital TV add-on’s

The optional EE TV add-on service comes with a EE TV box. The EE TV box and EE App give you access to over 70 free channels (11 in HD) as well as on-demand services for £8.00 per month. The box can handle HD content and comes with a whole host of Apps.

If you want premium TV such as Sky, then you’ll have to rely on the additional Pay TV apps installed. NOW TV is about the most comprehensive available. But you can watch what you want without a contract, on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Finally, not only can you pause and rewind live TV, you’re also able to record 4 shows at once on an impressive 1TB of storage. Read more about EE TV.

Optional call packages

You can add one of the following optional phone packages to your EE broadband service:

    Anytime Calls

  • Add to any package at the checkout
  • Inclusive calls to 01, 02 & 03 UK landline numbers
  • Anytime of the day or night 24/7
  • £5.00 per month
    Anytime Calls + Mobiles

  • Add to any package at the checkout
  • Calls to UK landlines starting 01, 02, 03; and 1,500 minutes to call UK mobile numbers (excluding Jersey &
  • Anytime of the day or night 24/7
  • £8.00 per month
    International Extra

  • Add to any package at the checkout
  • Anytime calls and mobiles pack. Plus, 500 minutes to call landlines in 42 countries*. Plus a 30% discount to all international landlines.
  • Anytime of the day or night 24/7
  • £12.00 per month

*See EE site for current country list

EE Home Broadband – Positives & Negatives

EE Broadband
Extra data for EE mobile customers
Free Norton Security Premium
Digital TV add-on available

Standard 17mb broadband contract 18 months
Customer service could better
TV options could prove expensive

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is a EE Broadband contract?

All EE home broadband services are subject to a 18 month contract. When comparing the UK market, 18 months is not unusual for fibre broadband. However, standard broadband (up to 17mb) is on average 12 months.

How long does it take to get EE Broadband installed?

There is no specific time given by EE at the of writing. You will be advised in your confirmation email about when you can expect your services to go live.

How fast are EE Broadband speeds?

EE Home Broadband delivers a top speed of 76mb with their ‘Fibre Plus’ package. However, as with all providers (except Virgin Media) – the exact speed is dependent on your distance from your local telephone exchange.

What Broadband limits are there on usage?

Thanks to a recent update in policy, there are no limits on downloads or streaming. No traffic management system is in-place, meaning no slowing down at peak times.

Contact EE Broadband

EE Broadband Address:
EE Customer Services,
6 Camberwell Way,
Tyne and Wear,
EE Broadband Customer Services
0800 079 8586
Problem or fault
0800 079 8586
Moving Home
0800 079 8586 – option 3

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