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Choosing TV

The UK digital TV market is blessed with choice. Both with homegrown content and access to channels from around the world. So you need to decide exactly what you and your family will actually watch. It’s easy to get drawn into a package that you simply don’t need.

As you are probably aware, Digital TV is supplied via either a satellite from Sky, cable from Virgin Media or streamed via a broadband or fixed line connection from most other providers. If you are considering streaming and you live in a household with lots of devices connected, then it’s important to go for a fibre connection.

To help you compare different areas of interest, we provide a comparison of services available in various categories. To see the latest deals on the type of TV you want to watch, please choose from one of the following:

Choosing broadband

Just how fast is fast? More importantly, how fast do you need yours? You can still watch TV and videos with a standard 17mb service, but if someone else jumps on the net – you’re going to be left frustrated by buffering and drop-outs. Is there more than a couple of devices in your home connected at the same time? Are you using your connection for more than just browsing emails or social media? Then you are going to have to go for fibre broadband. But there again, if you live alone or there’s just casual surfers in your house (no regular large downloading or online gaming), then standard broadband is still worth considering.

The following chart gives us an idea of what can be achieved with various speeds.

File Type V’s Speeds: 4mbps 16mbps 100mbps 300mbps
MP3 (5mb) 10 secs 2.5 secs 0.4 secs 0.1 secs
YouTube clip (50mb) 1 m 45 secs 26 secs 4 secs 1 secs
TV Show (450mb) 15 m 46 secs 3 m 56 secs 38 secs 13 secs
DVD (4.5GB) 2 hrs 30 m 37 m 30 secs 4 m 41 secs 2 m
DVD BluRay (10GB) 5 hrs 58 m 1 hr 29 m 14 m 19 secs 4 m 46 secs
*Abbreviations: mbps = megabits-per-second | mb = megabytes | gb = gigabytes | hrs = hours | m = minutes| secs = Seconds

Most broadband packages now come with unlimited data allowance. However, there are some products on the market which cap (or restrict) your usage. These kind of packages may cost a little cheaper, so if you are a light internet user, i.e. just check emails, watch BBC iPlayer, shop and browse social media – then a capped service may be something to consider.

To give us an idea on how much certain activities use in terms of data, please see the following guide.

Type of use Data used
60 mins browsing 2mb
Download a MP3 4 – 6mb
60 mins of social media 20 – 25mb (not including uploads)
60 mins audio stream 150mb
60 mins of YouTube or iPlayer Up to 350mb
60 mins SD Movie stream 500mb
Download SD Movie 1GB
60 mins HD Movie stream 2GB
Download HD Movie 4.5GB
Download BluRay Movie 10GB
*Abbreviations: mb = megabytes | gb = gigabytes | SD = standard definition | HD = high definition

Choosing a call plan

Call plans come in various shapes and sizes, not least when taken with broadband services. Some providers throw-in free weekend calls and other incentives such as deals on subscription. At the other end of the scale, you can expect to pay between £8 – £12.00 for inclusive international calls. All other options, including free UK off-peak and anytime calls – normally fall into the £3 – £7.00 area. Call plans are usually listed as add-on’s by providers, so always take into consideration the overall cost of your entire package. Remember, landline rental is now shown as part of your broadband monthly cost, so it’s easier to do the sums.

Secure the deal

There’s big savings to be made by switching one or more of your services to a new provider. So we hope we can help you wade the the mountain of choice. If you do find a deal on a service that’s right for you, then just select ‘see deal’ and we’ll pass you over to the provider. From there you can personalise your package further, and go through the finer details before making the switch securely with your new provider.