Privacy Policy

Our approach to safety

“We seek to ensure that any information passing through our site is encrypted. Additionally, we do not pass on any visitor information apart from that used when placing an order. This is limited to cookie information, as all orders are placed directly with providers”.

Privacy Policy Statement

We take privacy very seriously and have a number of measures in place to ensure your information remains safe.


  • SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is represented by the padlock symbol and / or ‘secure’ status next to your browsers address bar. This facility opens up a secure encrypted channel between your browser and our servers.
  • Normally SSL is only in-place at the checkout area of a website, where personal information such as bank, debit or credit details are submitted. As visitors do not place any transactions on this site, the SSL facility is offered as a reassurance that browsing activity is secure.
  • Please do note that no absolute guarantees can be given online – in the continuing battle against hackers and viruses. We advise that you make every effort personally by installing (and keeping up-to-date) anti-virus software. Furthermore, you should keep your passwords private and renew them periodically.
  • For more information on staying safe online, please see this helpful article from the UK Government

The information we do collect

Visitors to this site are prompted to submit personal information when:

  • Contacting us for assistance or advice.
  • Entering a prize draw or competition.
  • Joining our mailing list for the purposes of Newsletters.
  • We do not ask for your address details unless you ask us to run a availability check for you via a providers website. If you do select a deal or service yourself and use the postcode availability checker on a providers website – then the provider will use this information to check the availability of their products and services for your particular location.

How is this information used?

  • Postcodes are used solely by providers for the purpose of checking the availability of products and services. However, some providers may contact you as a follow-up to the interest you have shown. For further information in relation to this, please refer to the privacy policy of the provider in-question.
  • To respond to a question via email or our online support service.
  • To contact the winner of a prize draw or competition.
  • To contact you if you have opted into our Newsletters.

Cookies and the collection of data

  • We use cookies as part of the experience you have when on our site. These small files are placed on your browser and help us display this site in the best possible way for your browser and device.
  • Cookies are also used by us and the providers featured on this site. The information in these cookies help us pass you onto your chosen provider with the product or service you have selected. This aims to give you a seamless experience.
  • The information collected also helps us evaluate our service and optimise our website. Please read our full cookie policy for more information.

What other information is collected?

  • We use Google Webmaster Tools and similar services to help us monitor visitor numbers, type and approximate location. This also helps us optimise our website and refine the service we offer. Under no circumstances is this information used or shared with any third parties.