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Shell Energy – whats the difference?

Shell Energy is the new name for First Utility and is the fasted growing energy supplier in the UK. Not content with that, the utility group have now moved into the telecoms market and are making some pretty big waves. Looking at their three broadband options, the first thing you notice is that there’s no set-up cost. Furthermore, unlike most other providers, they also waiver the router delivery charge (saving £7-10).

The 18 month contract for standard 10mb broadband is a little out of touch with some other providers but not unusual. Also, there’s no inclusive calls with any of the three broadband products on offer. While some of us just use our mobiles these days, there are those who like to have inclusive minutes with their landline. Shell Energy broadband call plans » start at £6 a month for inclusive off-peak calls and £10 a month for anytime calls. As with all broadband services these days, line rental is included in monthly prices shown (unless otherwise stated).

Shell Energy Broadband packages

Broadband options


Fast Broadband » with speeds averaging 10mb – truly unlimited – costs £25.99 / £15.99 per month
Superfast Fibre » with speeds averaging 38mb – truly unlimited costs – £30.99 / £21.99 per month
Superfast Fibre Plus » with speeds averaging 74mb – truly unlimited – costs £35.99 / £21.99 per month

And the Kit?

All services include a free wireless WIFI router, with no set-up, activation or delivery costs.

Optional call packages

One you have selected your broadband package, there’s a choice of two call packages when at the checkout:

    Evening + Weekend Calls

  • Add to any package
  • Inclusive calls to 01, 02 & 03 numbers
  • From 7pm – 7am, and all weekend
  • £4.00 per month
    Anytime Calls

  • Add to any package
  • Inclusive calls to 01, 02 & 03 numbers
  • Anytime of the day or night 24/7
  • £8.00 per month

You can also add: Call waiting for £3.50 per month – Caller display is free – Choose to refuse for £3.50 per month – 1571 Voicemail for £1.75 per month.


Shell Energy broadband (formally First Utility) has emerged as a real contender in the broadband market. Customers have welcomed the UK based call centre which is backed up with recent awards. The zeros upfront costs to get you up-and-running is also a real deal breaker for most.

So if it’s straight forward broadband you want with nothing to pay upfront – then Shell Energy Broadband comes highly recommended. With a competitive standard broadband product and super-fast fibre options – it’s going to be interesting to see just how far they can establish themselves as the alternative to the big players.

Shell Energy Broadband – Positives & Negatives

Shell Energy Broadband
Absolutely no set-up or upfront costs
Truly unlimited – no caps or slowing
Award winning UK call centre

No inclusive calls
No digital TV options
18 month contract across-the-board

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I keep my existing phone number if I switch?

You can normally keep your current phone number. If there is an issue Shell Energy will contact you before the switch.

Do I need to contact my current provider if I switch?

Shell Energy will contact your current provider and arrange the switch on your behalf. If you are a Virgin Media customer switching – then you need to contact Virgin once you have placed your Shell Energy Broadband order. A 30 day notice period is normally needed.
It is important to remember that if you are in contract, there may be an early cancellation charge payable for leaving.

How long is a Shell Energy Broadband contract?

All three broadband services are subject to a 18 month contract. There is no option to take a shorter or longer term.

How long does it take to get Shell Energy Broadband installed?

Installation and activation times are fairly quick compared to other providers. With Shell Energy stating “approximately 14 days”. They will also let you know when your broadband will be live “within 48 hours of accepting your order”.

How fast are Shell Energy Broadband speeds?

You can a expect a top speed of around 65mb with the ‘Super Fast Fibre Plus’ package. However, as with all providers (except Virgin Media) – the exact speed is dependent on your distance from your local telephone exchange.

What Broadband limits are there on usage?

Truly Unlimited broadband – meaning no limits on downloads or streaming. No traffic management system, meaning no slowing down at peak times.

Contact Shell Energy Broadband

Shell Energy Address:
Shell Energy House,
Westwood Way,
Westwood Business Park,
Shell Energy Broadband Customer Services
0330 0945801
Problem or fault
0330 0945801
Moving Home
0330 0945801

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