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Sky Gigafast Broadband Deals – Review on Sky’s 1GB Full Fibre Service

£0 Set-up Offer – Sky roll out their Gigafast Broadband service with 900mb speeds. Find out all the details in our review which includes the latest Sky Gigafast deals for May 2024.

Sky Gigafast Broadband Offers

Introducing Sky Gigafast which finally allows the provider to be on-par with Virgin Media, in the race to provide the UK’s fastest widely available speeds.

Exclusive Sale – Free Set-up & Discount Subscription:
Order Sky Gigafast here online for only £42 a month (was £58) with Free set-up & Sky WIFI hub. That’s £19.95 cheaper on set-up than Sky’s main site offer. Check speed availability » where you live.

Sky Gigafast Fibre Broadband is available as a standalone service, or as part of any Sky TV package which can be customise here online. Switching to Sky with a new customer connection can take up to 14 days to arrange. However, if you order your Gigafast broadband service with Sky TV, you can be watching your Sky TV subscription right-away with the free Sky Go app (with your existing broadband connection or using your mobile’s personal hotspot).

Customise your Sky Gigafast Broadband deal today for £42 a month (standard pricing £63pm), or from £75 a month (normally £80pm) with a Sky TV package. Installation costs just £59.95 / £19.95 / Free here online* for ‘broadband only’ or just £29.95 when you add Gigafast to a Sky TV package.
Customise your deal »

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Sky Gigafast Broadband – Latest Deals

New Sky customers joining with Gigafast have two options. Switch to the standalone service, or as a bolt-on to a Sky TV package:

    Sky Gigafast Broadband

    Sky Gigafast Standalone

  • Average 900mb Speeds
  • Truly Unlimited Usage
  • Broadband set-up cost = Free
  • Add Sky WIFI Max = £3 a month
    £10 a month thereafter
  • Save £129
  • £58 / £42 a month
  • 18 month contract
    Limited time offer

    Sky Gigafast with Sky TV

    Sky Gigafast Broadband with TV

  • Sky TV, Netflix + Sky Gigafast Broadband
  • 900mb Speeds / Unlimited
  • Sky TV Bundle set-up from £29.95
  • Add Sky WIFI Guarantee
    = £6 a month
  • Save £90
  • £80 / £75.00 a month
  • 18 month contract
    Limited time offer

*Gigafast Plus will be shown as an option in your basket if available where you live. Simply run the postcode checker when following any of our featured deals.

Set-up cost can vary so please check this article for the latest exclusive offers we may currently be running:
The cost of installing your chosen services all depend on the subscriptions you choose and if you are a new or existing Sky customer. Once you have ran the availability checker in your Sky basket, all costs are outlined before you proceed to the checkout stage.

Can I get Sky Broadband Gigafast?

The easiest way to check if you are able to receive Sky Gigafast in your area, is to use Sky’s online postcode checker. The Gigafast service is still in its infancy and is currently available to approximately 25% of UK homes. The network is constantly expanding so it’s worth checking back regularly for coverage where you live.

Where can I find the postcode checker

You can find the postcode checker facility on the following order page. This is the official website where you can check coverage and order direct with Sky. Check availability »

Is Sky Gigafast Unlimited?

Yes. The service is totally unlimited and there is no traffic management or slowing down of the service at peak times.

What is the difference between Essential, Superfast and Gigafast?

Sky Broadband Essential Plus is Sky’s traditional standard broadband service. Otherwise known as ADSL. This is supplied via a fixed phone line into your home and the cost of which is included in the listed monthly cost.

Sky Superfast and Gigafast are fibre services. With Superfast Broadband the signal is sent to you through your nearest telephone exchange using a fibre connection. From there the signal is relayed to homes via a fixed traditional landline. That is why you still need a landline to access Sky Superfast Fibre Broadband services. The cost of Sky landline is also included in the listed monthly prices for Fibre services (i.e. this is not an additional cost). Sky’s Gigafast Plus broadband is an FTTP service, this means that your signal is supplied via a fibre optic cable direct to your home.

Regarding fixed line services; If you need a landline installing at your home, then Sky will arrange for an engineer visit. This costs as little as £20 and is one of the cheapest installation prices for a new line in the UK. You can find out if you need a new line or an old one reactivating by using the postcode checker. The Sky system will look at your address and advise if this is required. Any additional cost is outlined in your basket prior to checkout, so you are aware of the total cost before you proceed. Check now »

When will Sky Gigafast be available in my area?

The service is rolling out to more and more households every month, with a target of nearly 400k every new quarter. Your options are to join a different supplier until Sky Gigafast is available where you live, or join Sky with the service which is currently available and upgrade to Gigafast when this becomes available. It all depends on your speed requirements. To get an idea of what you can do with different services, please read our handy guide on comparing broadband speeds » to make an informed decision.

How much are the set-up costs?

At the time of writing, Sky installation and set-up costs are as follows*:

Sky Gigafast Set-up Cost without TV

  • Sky Q WIFI hub – Free
  • Sky Q WIFI Hub – Free
  • Sky activation – Free

Sky Gigafast Set-up Cost with TV

  • Sky Q Box – Free
  • Sky installation – From £20.00*
  • Sky Q WIFI Hub – £9.95

*Depending on services taken – Set-up fees: up to £49 for new and existing customers.

How long is the contract for Sky Gigafast

18 months for all Sky TV, Broadband and Fibre Services. 1 month rolling contract for some TV packs including; Netflix, Sky Kids, HD, Ultra HD, BT Sports and Disney packs. However, please bear-in-mind you may lose any promotional offers if you drop a service mid-contract. Please always read the full terms and conditions of any provider before you join.


Sky joins Virgin Media in providing the latest in broadband speeds for UK homes. Although not available everywhere just yet – Sky Gigafast is rolling out at quite a pace and increasing in availability. Check if Sky Gigafast is availble where you live and customise your Sky Gigafast Broadband deal » and take advantage of these latest offers.

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