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Comparing and buying TV packages best for everything

Premium or high-end TV packages are becoming increasingly popular. While some of the costs surrounding these services can exceed the £100.00 a month mark, if that’s affordable and you spend a lot of time in front of the telly, then there’s lots to choose from. Those of us who are not content with the cheaper packages available, need look no further than the current deals above. You can have all the TV on the market, together with super-fast broadband and inclusive calls. If you are a new customer, then there’s some pretty good introductory discount and reward offers too. Sky, BT and Virgin Media are arguably the best at offering the lot, but you still need to look closely at your options, as there does remain some differences which will inevitably sway your decision.

So let’s take a look at what each major UK provider has to offer. Please bear-in-mind that prices and offers are subject to change almost daily, so refer to our comparison results above for up-to-date information.

Premium TV packages from Sky

Sky remain the king of TV with their investment in content, namely sports. Sky offer various sizes of TV bundles, but the two bundles which deliver the most TV are the Box Sets bundle and the Complete bundle.

We’ve included the Box Sets bundle as you can customise it by adding Sky Cinema (if you wish) and Sky Sports on either a 1 month rolling contract, or the full 18 month contract at a discount.

The Complete bundle is exactly what the name suggests – it includes everything that Sky TV has to offer with 442 channels – over 350 Sky Box Sets and all Sports and Cinema channels in HD.

You then have to add a broadband and call service if required. Sky are one of the few providers which allow you to take TV without broadband and calls. However, Sky’s On-Demand service relies on a internet connection. Still, you have the option to either go with Sky or another provider for your broadband.

Sky Multiscreen and the top Sky Q 2TB box are also optional upgrades, but come at a price. It is also worth noting that UHD (ultra high definition) for your 4K TV is only available from the Sky Q 2TB box. However, the set-up cost does come down significantly if you take both Sky Multiscreen and Sky Q TB together.

Sky – Positives & Negatives

Sky has probably the most comprehensive package for premium TV. If you also add Sky Multiscreen and the 2TB Sky Q box to the mix, then you have yourself a quality high-end TV package. However, if you then add Fibre broadband and a call package, then the costs soon mount-up. You are also looking at an 18 month contract. However, keep an eye out for discounts or a reward that will make it worth your while.

Premium TV packages from NOW TV

NOW TV is a Sky owned streaming service. It allows you to add a Pass without signing up to a contract. Passes are split into four areas of interest. So to get a premium TV package going with NOW TV – you need to select all four Passes and include the Entertainment, Cinema, Sky Sports and Kids Passes. NOW TV also offer all of these Passes alongside their broadband services. You can opt to take services on a no contract* basis, or a contract or a 12 month contract. If you take a broadband service on a 12 month contract it brings the cost down. You don’t have to take one of their broadband services, but you do need to be connected in order to receive NOW TV.

*As with other providers offering a ‘no contract’ option – this is actually a 1 month rolling, as you need to give a months notice in order to cancel.

NOW TV – Positives & Negatives

NOW TV is great for flexibility and the option to access services with no contract has its benefits. The fact that you can keep your existing broadband provider is also a bonus. But if it’s a premium TV service you are looking for, then by the time you add all four Passes, plus the cost of your broadband connection (whoever you decide to go with), it may not prove cost effective. Plus, NOW TV is not available in full HD (1080p), just 720p HD, which could prove decisive for some.

Premium TV packages from Virgin Media

Virgin Media’s has an impressive package which includes pretty much everything. Not only does the ‘VIP bundle‘ include 230 channels, but also gives you access to all Sky Sports, Cinema and BT Sport in HD. You get the fastest widely available broadband in the UK, with a whopping 300mbps speeds. The VIP bundle also comes with two TV V6 boxes (UHD ready), which are the latest from Virgin and allows you to watch all this TV in two rooms. To top things off, this bundle also includes the home phone call plan ‘Talk More Anytime’. Which means you get inclusive anytime calls to UK landlines and mobiles.

Virgin – Positives & Negatives

The VIP bundle is up their as one of the best premium TV packages in the UK. The sheer choice of TV, the availability of HD and UHD, the speeds available from their broadband service and the nice extra touch of two set-top boxes – all go towards this bundle as being a solid recommendation for those looking for a high-end TV package. It does come at a cost – well in excess of a £100.00 a month. But Virgin do run regular discount offers, which may ease the pain.

Premium TV packages from BT TV

BT TV and it’s new UHD ready set-top-box, offer the ‘Max TV bundle‘. Providing more than 60 premium channels, 21 of which are in HD and includes 9 Kids channels. As a BT broadband customer, you get BT Sport at no extra cost. You can also add Sky Sports and Cinema on a 30 day rolling contract, which will make this bundle attractive to some.

BT – Positives & Negatives

BT offer a quality choice for premium TV, even after you bolt-on the likes of Sky Sport and Cinema, the monthly cost is considerably cheaper than its’ rivals. The number of premium channels may not match the amount of some competitors packages – but the reasonable 12 month contract, fibre broadband options, a good set-top-box and generous vouchers incentives – makes BT definitely worth considering.

Premium TV packages from TalkTalk

TalkTalk premuim TV is made up of ‘Boosts’. So to get as much as you can out of TalkTalk, you’ve got to go for the Entertainment Boost, Kids Boost, Asian Boost, Boxnation Boost, Sky Sports Boost, Sky Cinema Boost, and PictureBox Boost. These add-on’s are on a 30 day rolling contract, but your overall contract is on a minimum 12 month term. The TalkTalk TV Plus Box is HD ready, but there’s no sign of UHD yet from this provider.

TalkTalk – Positives & Negatives

It’s worth selecting a deal from TalkTalk and playing around with the ‘Boosts’ available in the basket area. There’s a fair few combinations and it’s good to see that you can change these every month. Up to 76mbps fibre broadband is available – on-par with Sky, BT and NOW TV. Overall TalkTalk at full stretch may not offer the muscle of the others, and the cost is not as competitive as BT. But again, it’s worth taking a look at those Boosts, a package may well come together that’s right for you.


We would all love a top-end TV package, the question is affordability. If you are reading this article, then chances are you are in a position to go for gold. After comparing what’s on offer from UK providers, it’s clear that Sky, Virgin and BT come out on top. They all offer something slightly different, whether it be the wealth of services available, broadband speeds or competitive pricing – the choices are fairly clear. Maybe the current offers will be the deciding factor.