BT Broadband Deals and New Customer Offers

Compare all the latest BT broadband deals for new customers. Includes our review of Broadband and TV packages for February 2021.
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Help choosing a BT deal as a new customer

BT TV packages are fairly flexible, with a choice of three TV packs and add-on’s to help you personalise your package further. While you can add all 11 Sky Cinema channels to any BT TV package, only Sky Sports 1 and 2 are available, as apposed to the 8 available from Sky. It is worth noting that BT TV is only available if you have a broadband connection.

BT TV Packages and Bundles

BT Starter TV » add this to your BT basket for free : 11 free-to-air HD channels and up to 80 SD channels including those available on FreeView.

BT Entertainment TV » costs £10.00 per month (see promotions): 11 free-to-air HD channels and up to 99 SD channels including those available on FreeView

BT Max TV » costs £22.00 per month (see promotions): 21 premium and 11 free-to-air HD channels. Dedicated 4K UHD BT Sport channel. Up to 143 channels including 61 premium channels.

BT Sport » costs £3.50 per month (see promotions): All BT Sport channels and BTSport/ESPN. Eurosport and Box Nation. BT Sport UHD requires Max TV bundle.

BT broadband packages

BT’s broadband and call packages provide a good range of choice for both the casual user and households busy online. BT broadband offer speeds of up to 76mb, which is comparable to Sky fibre and comparable UK providers. Virgin Media however retains the lead in the broadband speed league (with speeds now in excess of 500mb). While weekend calls to most UK landlines are included, further call options are available. For example, customers who make regular landline calls can opt for inclusive anytime calls for £7.50 extra each month.

BT have some great deals each week with discount subscriptions and rewards. However, listed prices for monthly costs after customers have reached the end of their contract seem very steep. Maybe it’s a way BT can claw some of the savings back? You just have to be a savvy shopper and either chat to BT before the end of your contract, or compare the latest deals and switch in time. For that reason the following prices are a guide to the average monthly cost for BT’s 18 month contract for each service. Please refer to current promotions (above), and also note the listed monthly prices outside of the contract period.

Unlimited Broadband » with speeds up to 17mb
Superfast Fibre » with speeds up to 38mb
Superfast Fibre 2 » with speeds up to 76mb

And the Kit?

BT TV comes with one of three boxes; YouView box (standard with Starter pack), YouView+ box (with Entertainment Plus pack) and the YouView+ Ultra HD box (Total Entertainment). The clue is in the titles – the Youview+ box adds the ability to pause, rewind and record TV shows. The UHD box allows you to view Ultra HD content including BT Sport on your 4K TV. BT broadband comes with either a ‘BT Home Hub 4’ (fixed line broadband), or a ‘BT Smart Hub’ (fibre broadband). BT claims that the Smart Hub offers the best WIFI signal compared to other routers supplied by competitor’s services.

Positives & Negatives

Large fibre broadband network
Consistent in reliability
Competitive pricing

Only Sky Sports 1 & 2 available as add-on’s
Broadband speeds are not the fastest in the UK
You need a broadband connection to watch TV

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is a BT contract?

All BT services including TV, broadband, call packages and land line are subject to a 18 month contract (unless otherwise stated). Add-on’s such as Sky Sports are on a rolling 1 month contract.

How soon can I return to BT and receive their new customer offers?

If you return to BT after 12 months you can once again enjoy new BT customer offers. Until then you can upgrade online with existing BT customer deals. Look out for increased broadband speeds and better TV packages. Current offers may equate to a better package for less than what you were previously paying.

How long does it take to get BT installed?

BT are quoted as stating “within 2 weeks” of your order being placed. However, this can fluctuate depending on demand in your area. You will be advised at the time of your order when the actual date will be. Often, customers are offered a date / time slot, so you can choose a time at your convenience.

How long does it take to receive any eligible reward vouchers?

Once your services have been installed and activated, go to and log in to claim your reward using your BT ID (given at time of activation). BT will then post your reward within 30 days.

How fast are BT’s Broadband speeds?

BT ADSL Broadband (via a fixed telephone land line) provides speeds of up to 17Mbps (depending on the distance between your residence and your local telephone exchange).
BT Infinity (fibre broadband) provides speeds of up to 76Mbps. BT broadband is truly unlimited and they do not use traffic management*.
(*Traffic management is used by some service providers to slow connections at peak times. If there are a larger number of people in your area using the service, this helps the local network cope).

What Broadband limits are there on usage?

BT no longer offer a capped or restricted broadband service. All products offer unlimited downloads / usage.

What do I need in order to watch Sky Sports and / or Sky Cinema in HD?

BT offer Sky Sports 1 and 2 and 11 Sky Cinema channels as add-on’s to your TV package. Currently this cost £22.00 and £13.50 respectively. For a further £5.00 per month, you can access Sky Sports 1 and 2 in HD. Sky Cinema in HD comes as standard.

About BT

BT launched its fibre optic network ‘BT Infinity’ in 2010. While it continues to offers ADSL broadband (via a fixed phone line), BT Infinity is now available over 4 million homes in the UK and provides speeds of up to 76mb.

BT TV (or BT Vision) was launched in 2006 and now offers competitive packages which also offer Sky Sports and Cinema channels at an extra cost. BT packages include fibre broadband and various national and international call packages.

Contact BT

BT Address:
BT Correspondence Centre
Providence Row
DH98 1BT
BT Customer Services
0800 100 400
Problem or fault
0800 111 4567
Moving Home
0800 100 400

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