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Casual Broadband

Plusnet broadband deal
Add Calls from £5 extra
Average speed 10mb
Unlimited usage
Free Set-up
£25 / £18.99 a month
Free £50 Reward Card
+ Free Set-up

12 month contract
Limited time offer

Popular Fibre Deal

Virgin Media
No Phone Line Required
Average speed 108mb
Unlimited usage
£35 Set-up
First 6 months free / then £44 a month
Subscription Discount
Flash Sale

18 month contract
Limited time offer

Ofcom Award Winning Fibre

Sky broadband
Add Calls from £5 extra
Average speed 59mb
Unlimited usage
£59.95 / £9.95 Set-up
£32 / £27.00 a month
Subscription Discount
Save £140

18 month contract
Limited time offer

Line rental included unless otherwise stated

*’Editors Picks’ are based on value-for-money, subscription discounts and rewards such as vouchers and free gifts. Highlighted offers should always be considered and compared to the market to ensure you have found the most suitable service.

Comparing and buying broadband deals

How do I use the search facility?

We have created a handy tab menu at the top of our comparison tables. Each tab is labelled to illustrate the categories they will search and display. Then simply refine your search results by selecting your priorities in the top drop-down menu (top right). Once you are happy and have found a suitable deal, just select the ‘see deal’ button and we will hand you over to the provider. From there you can personalise your service and complete your order securely online.

Availability – Postcode Checker?

The most accurate way to find out availability of a particular service, is to enter your postcode direct with a provider. That way you do not need to disclose your information anywhere else. There are many instances were people submit their details with comparison sites, find a service they are interested in – only to be told by the provider that the service is not available for installation at their premises. To get more accurate results and save time, simply find a deal and go through to check availability with that particular provider.

Broadband Comparison – what to look for?

If you live in a busy household then the faster the better – especially if you have a hungry mix of large downloads, online gaming and streaming video etc. Similarly, do you really need to pay for super-fast broadband if you are a casual user living alone? How long is the stated contract? Is this acceptable when taking into consideration any promotional offers? How much do you pay upfront, if anything? Upfront costs can also be off-set against promo rates and vouchers if available. It is worth noting that most providers now charge a ‘router delivery charge’, even if they are running a free set-up promotion. This delivery cost is included in the “set-up cost” column of our comparison tables.

Phone line cost now included

Unless other wise stated, the cost of line rental is now included in broadband monthly subscription costs. This development came as OFCOM (the governing body which regulates the telecoms industry), ruled that phone line fee should be included to save confusion about overall costs.

Broadband with no phone line

Virgin Media are currently the only widely available UK provider to offer home broadband without the need of a phone line. This is because Virgin Media relies solely on its own cable network, bypassing the need to for a land line to bring broadband to your door. However, if you take one of their call packages a Virgin phone line is required.

What are the differences between standard broadband and Fibre?

Traditional broadband (or ‘standard broadband’ as we refer to it), is supplied via a fixed telephone line (known as ADSL broadband). Although still suitable for causal use, there are limitations regarding speed. The fastest speeds available in the UK via ADSL is 17Mbps. This compares to 300Mbps via fibre optic cable broadband. Virgin Media are currently the only major provider in the UK that run cable-to-household fibre broadband. All other UK networks run fibre broadband to your nearest telephone exchange. Then broadband services are continued down traditional fixed lines. This is why Virgin Media consistently run the fasted broadband in the UK.

Do I need to contact my existing provider?

If you decide that you wish to change your Broadband provider, then you need to refer to your contract with them. There is normally a 30 day termination notice required – even if you are out of contract. If you are out of contract with your old provider, then there should be no penalty for switching your Broadband service.

Broadband MAC code

In 2015 there was a change by OFCOM (the government regulating body that oversees the telecommunications industry) regarding MAC codes. As a customer you no longer need to obtain this, the responsibility is new with your new provider as part of the service switch to them.

To Conclude

The broadband sector has become increasingly competitive, with UK providers scrambling for your custom. This results in some really attractive deals, especially if you are a new customer switching providers. Broadband packages which include TV and calls offer the best value-for-money services. Standalone broadband is now popular with lots of deals available, however, with the exception of Virgin Media’s broadband only products – a phone line is required and this cost is now included in the monthly subscriptions. A few providers now offer 30 day rolling contracts. While this option could be ideal for certain people (i.e. students or people regularly on the move), both the upfront cost and monthly subscription may be higher than signing up for a longer period.

Weigh up your requirements and consider exactly what you need before signing up.

Positives & Negatives

Broadband Packages?
Speeds now up to 516mb
Standalone or Packages with TV & calls
Discount offers & vouchers available

Virgin only major provider to offer broadband without line rental
Fibre broadband may not be available in your area
May be cheaper to get a package with TV & calls