Sky TV Netflix Offer

Sky TV with Netflix Offer – Save up to £468 with Sky’s On Demand Package

Join with the new Sky TV Netflix offer and save £9 a month. Add additional discount TV packs, broadband and call services and make a total saving of up to £468 over your 18 month contract.

Sky TV Netflix Offer

Sky brings together two of the most popular on demand services in the UK – Sky Box Sets and Netflix – packaged up in the ‘Ultimate On Demand’ pack (£12pm). This service is a add-on to Sky’s entry level Sky Entertainment pack (£22pm) which normally costs £34 for both. With this flash sale offer you get both services for just £25 per month – saving £162. Get this deal »

If you with want to add Sky Broadband to your package, then there’s currently £12 off per month on Sky Broadband Essential (£13 extra pm – 11mb average speeds – unlimited – inc. line rental) and Supferfast fibre (£20 extra pm – 59mb average speeds – unlimited – inc. line rental and free anytime calls) – saving a further £306.

What is included with Sky Entertainment?

Sky Entertainment gives you access to more than 75 premium channels not available on free-to-air TV, including popular premium channels such as Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, FOX, Discovery Channel, History, National Geographic and MTV.

What is included with Ultimate On Demand?

Sky Box Sets boasts over 500 box sets on-demand and Netflix – which include seasons from favorites such as Black Mirror, Stranger Things, Billions, Chernobyl and many more.

If I already have Netflix, what happens?

If you already have a Netflix subscription Sky will inform Netflix and take over your subscription. You can keep your profiles so nothing changes. If you cancel your Sky services you can then switch back to a standalone Netflix service and pay them direct again.

Lets look at the various costs involved for the different ways of receiving these services. Prior to this offer it works out slightly cheaper than the current Netflix subscription to have the Ultimate On Demand pack from Sky, but the pack does include Box Sets pack which was £5pm from Sky. However, you also need to have the Sky Entertainment pack to start with.


  • Standard Netflix cost per month = £8.99
  • Standard Sky Box Sets cost per month = £5.00
  • Sub-total separately = £13.99
  • Total cost per month with Sky Entertainment = £35.99

  • Ultimate On Demand pack cost per month = £12.00
  • Flash Sale: Ultimate On Demand pack cost per month = £3.00
  • Total cost per month with Sky Entertainment = £25.00

How about Sky Sports and Sky Cinema?

Both Sky Sports and Sky Cinema are available and are also currently on offer. You can add all 10 Sky Sports channels in HD for £16 per month (normally £30pm) . Sky Cinema now has 11 dedicated channel in HD for £5 per month (normally £19pm). Simply add these packs to your Sky basket as you customise your package.

Is this a Sky Q deal?

You will receive the latest Sky Q box no matter which bundle combination you go for. If you add Sky broadband – then you will also receive a Sky Q WIFI hub as standard. Installation is carried out by a Sky engineer.

How much is set-up?

Sky installation and set-up costs are as follows:

Sky TV

  • Sky 1TB box – £20.00 set-up
  • Sky 2TB box – £20.00 set-up
  • Sky 2TB box – £50.00 + 1st additional box discounted to free instead of £99 (which is the cost of further boxes if required) when you add a Multiroom option + extra £13.00 a month on your subscription

Sky Broadband – setup costs

If you add a Sky broadband service to any Sky TV package then the setup cost is an additional £9.95 (or up to £29.95 if you need a new line installing).

How long is the contract?

Sky Entertainment is subject to an 18 month contract. The Ultimate In Demand pack is on a 31 day rolling contract. However, if you drop this pack and re-add it at a later date, you will lose the £9pm discount and pay the full price – currently £12pm.

Sky TV and Netflix Offer – Popular Packages

The following bundles are just a few popular combinations. You can customise your own Sky package by selecting one or more of the Sky TV packs, Broadband and call plans in your basket. All the various offers and discounts we have discussed will be included automatically:

    Sky TV + Ultimate On Demand

  • Box Sets + UOD’ in HD
  • Includes over 500 Box Sets
  • Just Sky TV – No Broadband
  • Sky Q Setup & Installation = £29.95
  • Save £162
  • £34 £25 a month
  • 18 month contract
    Offer ends 14th November
    Sky TV + UOD’ + Broadband

  • Box Sets + Netlfix in HD
  • Average of 11mb Speeds
  • Truly Unlimited Usage
  • Sky Q Setup & Installation = £29.95
  • Save £288
  • £59 £45 a month
  • 18 month contract
    Offer ends 14th November
    Sky TV + UOD’ + Fibre

  • Box Sets + Netlfix in HDAverage of 59mb Speeds
  • Truly Unlimited Usage
  • Free anytime calls – saving £180
  • Sky Q Setup & Installation = £29.95
  • Save £468
  • £71 £45 a month
  • 18 month contract
    Offer ends 14th November

‘Stands for “Ultimate On Demand” pack (over 500 Box Sets and Netflix) – *One Sky Q offer per UK household.

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Sky are offering one of the biggest discounts that we have seen for a while. If you are looking for a wide range of content On Demand from both Sky and Netflix, this is possibly the deal for you. If you beat the clock by midnight the 14th November 2019 you can get Sky TV, Box Sets and Netflix all for £25 per month – making this a top flash sale when comparing similar deals on the market. Customise your Sky TV and Netlfix » flash sale offer.

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