Sky TV Black Friday deals

Sky TV Black Friday Deals 2020 – Get 50% OFF Sky packages with Broadband and Free Calls

Sky have cut the price of TV packs by 50% in this years Black Friday sale. There’s also offers on Broadband with free anytime calls. Last updated 1st December.

Sky TV Black Friday deals

Save up to £693 on Sky TV packs and £342 on broadband which includes the optional Sky Talk Anytime call plan. You can add as many half price TV packs as you wish to the Sky Entertainment package. Details here »

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Please see our dedicated Sky Deals » page for the latest offers from Sky for Black Friday.

New customers can also simply order Sky’s entry level TV service ‘Sky Entertainment’ which costs £25 per month. If you do wish to switch your broadband to Sky, you also get a generous Black Friday discount on broadband which is available from just £10 extra a month.

Editors tip: If you decide to add Sky Broadband to your Sky TV package, go through to the 2nd page of your basket. Once you have used the postcode availability checker, you may note that broadband services start from £14 extra per month. However, if you select ‘Broadband Essential’ the price drops to just £10 per month extra in your basket monthly total!

Furthermore, add Superfast fibre and the extra monthly amount is just £14 – and not the £18 displayed prior to selection. Superfast and Ultrafast broadband also come with free anytime calls, so be sure to add this option if required. The free anytime talk plan is an extra saving of £180 over 18 months and includes line rental. Compare half price Sky TV packs »

Exclusive Black Friday Broadband Deal

Free setup here online
Order Sky Broadband here online and pay absolutely no set up costs saving £19.95 on Sky’s main offer price. You will also receive a discount subscription on Broadband Essential (11mb speeds) at £25 a month, Superfast (59mb speeds) at £25 a month, or Ultrafast (145mb speeds) at £35 a month – saving up to £342 when you order with our exclusive offer.

Sky will also throw in free anytime calls which normally cost £10 a month. This is an additional saving of £180 over your 18 month contract.

All Sky Broadband services come with truly unlimited usage, line rental and a free Sky Q WIFI hub. You can also add ‘Sky Broadband Boost’ for a whole host of extra benefits which can be added to your basket for just £5 extra a month.
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How do I claim the 50% Sky TV discount?

The good news is that you do not have to claim or enter any discount codes. The 50% OFF is automatically applied to the TV packs which you add to your Sky basket.

How long is the contract?

Sky Entertainment (aka Sky Signature), Multiscreen and broadband / talk services are all subject to an 18 month contract. The half price discounts run for the entire 18 months. Crucially, all other TV packs are subject to just a 31-day rolling contract – meaning you can cancel at any time and return to the basic Entertainment TV service, or with just a select one or two packs. You will however lose your half price privileges on future packs if you then wish to re-add these again.

Can I add Sky Broadband?

If you want to combine your TV service with broadband and calls, then you can save more by switching to Sky with the current Black Friday deals. Both their Essential and Superfast broadband services have £2 and £7 OFF per month respectively. If you add Superfast broadband this enables a 100% discount on the Anytime call plan – effectively canceling out the monthly cost for 18 months and saving £180.

Which TV packs can I add?

You can add all Sky TV packs available to Sky Entertainment. The Black Friday deal means you get 50% OFF each of the following add-on’s.

1st page of your basket:

  • Sky Cinema – 50% OFF = £9.50 extra a month
  • Sky Sports – 50% OFF = £15 extra a month
  • Ultimate TV Add-on (Netflix) – Over 50% OFF = £2.50 extra a month
  • Sky Kids – 50% OFF = £2.50 extra a month
  • HD Pack – 50% OFF = £3 extra a month
  • Ultra HD Pack – 50% OFF = £5 extra a month
  • Multiscreen – 50% OFF = £7 extra a month
  • Ultimate Ultra HD – 50% OFF = £5 extra a month (£3pm with Multiscreen)
  • 2nd page of your basket:

  • Sky Broadband Essential – £7 OFF = £14 extra a month
  • Sky Broadband Superfast – £10 OFF = £18 extra a month
  • Anytime call plan – £10 OFF = FREE
  • Sky Black Friday – Terms and Conditions

    50% off TV Sky TV packages. Set up fees up to £40 for new and existing customers. Excludes Sky Signature, Sky Sports 1, 2 and 3 channel packs, Disney+ and BT Sport. Based on comparison of standard in-contract pricing (for Ultimate TV Add-on, UHD and Multiscreen), standard 31-day rolling contract pricing (for Kids and HD) and standard out of contract pricing (for Complete Sports and Cinema) with offer pricing. *50% off only applicable when taking Sports or Cinema with an 18-month contract. Prices may change during this period. Offer ends 30/11/20. New 18-month minimum terms apply for Sky Signature (£25 per month (pm)), Multiscreen (7pm), Cinema (£9.50pm), Complete Sports (£15pm). New 31-day rolling contracts apply for Ultimate TV add-on (£2.50pm), Kids (£2.50pm), UHD (£2pm) and HD (£3pm) Standard out of contract pricing applies after 18 months to Sky Signature (currently £30pm), Multiscreen (£14pm), Cinema (19pm), Complete Sports (£30pm). Standard 31 day rolling contract applies to remaining packs after 18 months (currently: Ultimate TV Add-on (£5pm), Kids (£5pm), UHD (£4pm) and HD (£6pm)). Ultimate TV Add On: Netflix available without new minimum term on Sky Signature for existing customers by purchasing directly from Netflix.

    For full terms please refer here

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