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Sky Fibre Broadband Deals – New customers save £140

Large subscription discounts, free activation and line rental all included. We take a closer look at these services and answer some FAQ’s. Updated for May 2024.

Sky Fibre Broadband deals

After Sky’s recent Ofcom* acknowledgment for the least customer complaints, their new broadband offers are worth considering.

Sky are currently promoting two of their broadband services, a casual service averaging 11mb speeds (£20 a month reduced from £25) and their Superfast fibre service – which averages 59mb in speed (£27 a month reduced from £32).

After you run-a-check on availability here » for your home, the Sky system will advise you on what service you can receive. You maybe offered a slower Fibre service, or the casual 11mb option if the fibre is not available where you live. You will also notice that the monthly price is £2.50 higher than listed here. This is because Sky now include “Sky Broadband Boost” (extra benefits) which cost £2.50 a month, but this can be de-selected before you checkout.

*Broadband, landline and Pay-TV complaints per 100,000 customers – Ofcom Q2 2018

What’s included with Sky Fibre?

Whichever service you go for, all Sky broadband deals come with a Sky Q WIFI hub. Currently, Sky are also wavering the activation fee, this normally £50. The only one-off cost you pay is for the router / hub delivery, which is £9.95. The monthly price also includes line rental.

I do not use or need a landline

As with most fibre broadband services* you need a landline to receive your service. This is because Sky Fibre is supplied via a fixed line from your local telephone exchange. It is also mandatory to order/switch your landline to Sky when joining Sky Broadband. In other words, you cannot have your landline with another provider. There is nothing stopping you from having more than one line installed at your home by another provider. For example, an extra line may be needed for work purposes or another resident.

*Exception of Virgin Media and smaller emerging fibre providers with their own FTTP (Fibre to the premises) network.

Can I keep my phone number?

Sky state that in most cases customers switching can keep their phone number. However, you can not keep your number if you are moving home and switching, no matter which provider you decide to join.

Is Sky Broadband unlimited?

Yes, Sky Broadband unlimited, Fibre Unlimited and Fibre Max are all truly unlimited. This means you can use the internet as much as you like and there is no traffic management system in-place to slow you down at peak times.

Which Broadband service do I need?

The 11mb Sky Broadband Unlimited service is sufficient if:

  • you live in a household where there is little internet use
  • or there are only a couple of devices connected at once
  • and the activity only includes for example; watching YouTube, online shopping, checking emails and social media.

The 36mb-59mb Sky Fibre services are recommended if:

  • you live in a busy household where there is lots internet use
  • and there are many devices connected at once
  • and the activity includes streaming TV, gaming and large downloads.

How long does it take to activate Sky Broadband?

Sky state they normally have new customers and those switching live within 14 days from an order being placed.

Does an engineer need to visit my home?

An Open Reach engineer will only need to visit your home if you need a new land line installing. Otherwise, if you selected during the ordering process – that you want Sky to take over an active line (if one is available) – you can simply setup your Broadband hub yourself. Sky will email you your activation date within the 2 weeks from ordering to going live.

How long is the contract for Sky Broadband?

All Sky broadband and fibre broadband services are subject to an 18 month contract.

Does the price increase after my contract ends?

Yes the prices advertised are discount offers, which run for the duration of your contract. After which the cost will revert to the standard monthly prices. Which are currently as follows:

  • Sky Broadband Essential: Offer price – £20 a month for 18 months – then £25.00 a month*
  • Sky Broadband Superfast: Offer price – £27 a month for 18 months – then £32.00 a month*

*Plus £2.50 extra a month if you keep “Sky Broadband Boost” in your basket. De-select if not required.

Does Sky Broadband include calls?

As standard you only pay for the calls you make. If you do require a call plan, then Sky offer 3 inclusive call options which can be selected when you order online:

  • Sky Talk Evenings and Weekends Extra = £5 a month
  • Sky Talk Anytime Extra = £10 a month
  • Sky Talk International Extra = £12 a month

Current Sky Fibre Broadband Deals

Here are the two Broadband services currently on offer:

    Sky Broadband Essential

  • Up to 11mb Speeds
  • Truly Unlimited Usage
  • Includes Sky Q WIFI hub
  • Set-up cost = £59.95 £9.95^
  • Save £140
  • £25 £20 a month*
  • 18 month contract
    Limited time offer
    Sky Broadband Superfast

  • Up to 59mb Speeds
  • Truly Unlimited Usage
  • Includes Sky Q WIFI hub
  • Set-up cost = £59.95 £9.95^
  • Save £140
  • £32 £27 a month*
  • 18 month contract
    Limited time offer

^A £20 one-off fee may also be chargeable is you need an old line re-activating, or a new line installing by an Open Reach engineer. ^One Sky offer per UK household. *Plus £2.50 extra a month if you keep “Sky Broadband Boost” in your basket. De-select if not required.


There may not be an attractive voucher on offer, but the discounted monthly subscription costs – which are largely in-line with other providers – should be considered. Also the recent Ofcom results showing Sky with the fewest customer complaints is a point worth noting. As with any provider, if you do decide to join or switch to Sky we advise that you set a reminder towards to end of your contract. This is to remind you to contact Sky to see if they are willing to offer you a new deal for staying. We also recommend that you compare broadband deals before you decide on your best option. Lastly, new Ofcom rules mean that if a provider increases the costs of your service while under contract, you have the right to cancel within 30 days. Power to the people!

See these deals and Check availability ».

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