Sky Box Sets Deal

Sky Box Sets bundle – New customer Sky TV & Netflix offer for just £25.00 a month

New Sky customers joining with the Box Sets bundle and free Netflix pay just £25.00 a month.

Sky Box Sets DealEditors tips: – The very latest version of this deal includes the new Sky Signature pack (over 100+ premium channels, catch-up and free Sky Go app), plus over 500+ Box Sets for £25.00 a month. The Ultimate TV Add On pack (Netflix) is included in this offer (normally £6 extra a month). However, the cost goes up to £4 extra a month if you also add Sky Broadband to your package. This remains cheaper than the £6 standard monthly cost and also a saving compared to subscribing to Netflix direct. If you already have Netflix but opt to add this to your Sky basket, Sky will handle the transfer of your subscription, you get to keep your profiles and save the difference in price.

You can also add Sky Sports and Sky Cinema for just £25pm extra (when taken together) and it’s actually currently cheaper to add both packs than just Sky Sports on its own! With all current offers there’s a saving of up to a whopping £774 on standard pricing. Customise your deal »

Sky Box Sets offerThe all new Sky Box Sets is now included with Sky Entertainment (also known as Sky Signature). Sky’s most popular bundle – along with the HD, Kids, Disney and BT packs – have been revamped and all these packs are available on just a 31-month rolling contract. These packs can be changed or dropped every month offering more flexibility.

The biggest difference to Sky Box Sets is that it’s £6.00 cheaper than its predecessor, as it is now included with the base pack. This is due to Sky separating the Box Sets, HD and Kids channels that used to be included with Sky Box Sets. It’s not all bad, some customers may not want for example kids TV, so the savings will be welcomed. As mentioned, Netflix is now a stand-alone service in the form of the Ultimate TV Add-on pack, which is also available on a 1 month contract. If you wish to watch Netflix in HD or Ultra HD, then you need to add these formats to your Sky basket (£6-£10 a month extra).

You can also add Sky’s current fibre broadband deal for just £18 a month extra to your package and save £162.00.

What do I get with Sky Box Sets?

Sky Signature with Box Sets boasts over 500 box sets on-demand. You also get over 100 premium channels not available on free-to-air TV, including favorites such as Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, FOX, Discovery Channel, History, National Geographic and MTV. Plus, new factual channels, Sky History, Documentaries and Nature.

How about HD channels?

The Sky Entertainment with Box Sets bundle includes 22 HD channels. If you want more, then you need to subscribe to the HD pack for £6 extra a month , or UHD for £10 a month. It is worth noting that if you add Sky Sports or Sky Cinema, then these packs come in HD as standard.

What about Sky Kids and Kids App?

Sky Kids and Kids App is now a separate pack, again this is available for £5.00 a month extra. For this you can expect to access over 5000 children’s shows on-demand and 11 dedicated kids TV channels.

Can you get Sky Sports and Cinema with Box Sets?

Sky Sports and Cinema are also add-on’s just like Box Sets. So all you have to do is add these to your Sky basket. Tip: there is normally a reduction for adding both Sports and Cinema together. You may also get a reduction if you sign-up to the ‘Complete Sports Package’. At the time of writing, this saving is £234 over 18 months. Monthly payments are reduced to £39 a month from £52, this is for committing to an 18 month contract.

Does this deal come with a Sky Q set-up?

Yes, Sky Q is now standard with all Sky TV bundles. You’ll receive a free Sky Q box and a free Sky hub if you add broadband to your bundle.

How much are the set-up costs?

Sky installation and set-up costs* are as follows:

Sky TV

  • Free Sky Q box – £20.00 set-up
  • Free Sky Q box + 1st additional box £20 extra setup with Sky Multiscreen = £40.00 total set-up + extra £14.00 a month on your subscription
  • Total Sky TV with Multiscreen subscription = From £41.00 a month
  • *Depending on services taken – Set-up fees: up to £49 for new and existing customers.

Sky Broadband

  • All set-up charges for Sky Broadband services with Sky TV are currently discounted = £39.00 £19.95
  • So currently if you combine a Sky TV bundle (such as Box Sets) with a Sky 1TB box and Sky broadband, your set-up costs will be £29.95 (refer to our current promotion on-site).

I only want Sky TV and not broadband and calls

You can order Sky TV on its’ own. However, you need to have a landline active or installed if you want Sky broadband. You don’t have to add an inclusive call plan, but if you do they go from £5.00 – £12.00 a month. You may need your line activated or a new line installed. Charges start from £20.00. Simply enter your postcode in your Sky basket and all costs will be detailed.

How long is the contract for Sky Box Sets?

31 days plus the mandatory Sky Entertainment package which is 18 months.

How long is the contract for Sky Broadband?

18 months for all Sky Broadband and Fibre Services.

Sky Box Sets and Sky Broadband Deals

Here’s two bundles with Sky Box Sets and Sky Broadband. Both include Sky’s current TV and broadband deals and can be customised:

    Sky TV + Box Sets + Netflix
    with Broadband Essential

  • Average 11mb Speeds
  • Truly Unlimited Usage
  • TV & Broadband set-up cost from £29.95
  • Save £198
  • £53 / £39.00 a month
  • 18 month contract
    Limited time offer
    Sky TV + Box Sets + Netflix
    with Superfast Fibre Broadband

  • Average 59mb Speeds
  • Truly Unlimited Usage
  • TV & Broadband set-up cost from £29.95
  • Save £234
  • £62 / £43.00 a month
  • 18 month contract
    Limited time offer

*One Sky Q offer per UK household.

I received a promotion through my door, is this the same deal?

To coincide with Sky’s online offers, Sky sometimes send out a nationwide leaflet drop such as the deal. This deal is the same as the one outlined above. The only difference being that you can sign-up conveniently online during a different offer period and instead of over the phone.


Sky’s recent big shake-up of its’ TV products means more flexibility and savings on access to Sky Box Sets. We particularly like the ability to drop or swap these new packs after a month. You should bear-in-mind that Sky Signature (which replaced Sky Entertainment and the older Original Bundle), is now the compulsory base TV package, meaning all your additional TV packs sit on top. So as a result, you are still tied in for 18 months. Customise your Sky Box Sets bundle.

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