BT Giveaway – Free £80.00 Voucher with Broadband and Packages

Are you considering BT Broadband? If so, now is a good time to switch. New BT customers will bag up to £80.00 in this reward card giveaway.

To grab the £80.00 reward card you need to sign-up to BT ‘Super-fast Fibre 2’. This costs £39.99 a month with discount set-up and router delivery fee of £14.99. You can expect to receive up to 76mb speeds (average 67mb) with unlimited monthly allowance.

There’s also the ‘Super-fast Fibre Plus’ package is for Sky Mobile customers. This costs £54.99 a month but comes with added benefits, such as price freeze promise for the duration of your contract. Double your mobile data every month and unlimited data if a fault develops with your home broadband. See deal now »

This is a limited time offer and is subject to a 18 month contract.

What is the BT Reward Card and where can I spend it?

The BT Reward Card is a MasterCard with BT branding. It’s basically a prepaid credit card with the value advertised credited to the card. This means you can spend it wherever you see the MasterCard symbol, on pretty much whatever you like (with some exceptions). The exceptions include payment machines such as toll booths, petrol pay-by-card and train ticketing machines. However, in these circumstances and according to the official BT site “You will normally be able to use your card by presenting it to an attendant in-person”.

BT Broadband – A choice of three packages

    £80 BT Reward Card

  • Up to 76mb Speeds
  • Truly Unlimited Usage
  • Set-up cost £14.99
  • Nothing to pay upfront
  • “BT Sport FREE for 18 months”
  • £58.99 £39.99 a month
  • 18 month contract
    Limited time offer
    £70 BT Reward Card

  • Up to 52mb Speeds
  • Truly Unlimited Usage
  • Set-up cost £19.99
  • Nothing to pay upfront
  • “BT Sport FREE for 18 months”
  • £52.49 £29.99 a month
  • 18 month contract
    Limited time offer
    £20 BT Reward Card

  • Up to 17mb Speeds
  • Truly Unlimited Usage
  • Set-up cost £19.99
  • Nothing to pay upfront
  • “BT Sport FREE for 18 months”
  • £45.49 £24.99 a month
  • 18 month contract
    Limited time offer

*One offer per UK household.

Also Get BT Sport For Free

Just to add a little extra spice to the current reward deal, BT are also throwing in BT Sports free for 12 months if you sign-up with the Starter TV and Infinity. This can cost as much as £27.99 a month for Sky customers. Whats-more, if you go for the fibre Infinity 2 and Max TV option, you’ll get BT’s UHD 4K version of BT Sport for free, saving as much as £22.00 a month compared to normal prices. That’s a pretty good incentive for Sports fans.

Broadband Packages with TV and Phone Calls

The good news is that you can add BT TV and call options to this deal. As well as the BT Sport deal outlined above – ‘Starter TV’ is free and includes 80 channels. Or opt for more premium channels with ‘Entertainment’ or ‘Max’ TV to access 100 and 141 channels respectively.

And the Kit?

You’ll receive a YouView or YouView+ box depending on your choice of TV package. Similarly, BT will send you a ‘BT Home Hub 4′ with it’s 17mb product, or BT Smart Hub with the Infinity packages. BT claims that the BT Smart Hub is the most powerful WIFI hub supplied in the UK when compared to its’ competitors.

Looking for terms or need help deciding?

As always, we recommend that you refer to BT’s full terms and conditions before you decide to sign-up. It is also worth comparing broadband just to check what service is right for you.

Need help deciding?


How do I claim my reward?

One your services have been activated, you can claim your reward by visiting this BT Broadband page. BT states that they will then send you your reward within 30 days of redeeming.


BT have been generous in recent times with frequent reward deals. But this is up there as one of the biggest ever on the UK market. We don’t say that lightly, but with the low set-up cost for fibre broadband, the competitive monthly price and the choice of adding BT Sport for free – BT really have gone that extra mile in their efforts to acquire more customers in the competitive broadband sector. Customise your BT Broadband deal »

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    Used your speed check, compared results to current BT deal, went for the 76mb with voucher. Informative and easy to follow, cheers.

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