Black Friday Broadband Deals – Compare the Best Packages for 2019

Compare this years Black Friday broadband deals, including Broadband, TV and Phone packages.
Find details on free gifts, vouchers and discounts for Black Friday 2019.

NOW Broadband
Status: Black Friday

Now Broadband Deals
Free Anytime calls
Average speed 11mb
Unlimited usage
Free set-up
£25.99 / £18 a month
No contract
option available

12 month contract
Offer ends 4th December

Virgin Broadband
Status: Black Friday

Virgin Media
Free Weekend Calls
Average speed 108mb
Unlimited usage
£35 Setup
£33 / £25 a month
Subscription Discount
Save £96

12 month contract
Offer ends 2nd December

Sky Broadband
Status: Black Friday

Sky broadband
Free Activation
Average speed 59mb – Unlimited
Free Anytime Calls saving £180
£50 / £9.95 set-up
£32 / £27.00 a month
Subscription Discount
Save £270

18 month contract
Offer ends 5th December

Sky Package
Status: Black Friday

Sky TV deal
Black Friday Deal
50% OFF Sky TV Packs
FREE Sky Q setup
Average speed 59mb unlimited
Free Anytime Calls
£29.95 set-up
£59 £39 a month
Subscription Discount
Save up to £999

18 month contract
Offer ends 5th December

BT Package
Status: Black Friday

BT broadband deal
Black Friday Deal
BT Sport in 4K Ultra HD
FREE 1TB YouView Ultra HD box
Average speed 67mb unlimited
Free Weekend Calls
£9.99 set-up
£64.99 £54.99 a month
Free £120 Reward Card
+ BT Sport & Amazon Prime

24 month contract
Offer ends 2nd December

Virgin Media Package
Status: Black Friday

Virgin Media
Black Friday Deal
Bigger Bundle
£57 / Now £45 a month
Ultimate Oomph bundle
£99 / Now £79 a month
Free Weekend Calls
£35 set-up
Subscription Discounts
Save up to £240

12 month contract
Offer ends 2nd December

Line rental included unless otherwise stated

*’Editors Picks’ and ‘Top deals’ are based on value-for-money, subscription discounts and rewards such as vouchers and free gifts. Highlighted offers should always be considered and compared to the market to ensure you have found the most suitable service.

Comparing and buying the best Black Friday deals

It’s that time of year again when we look forward to the biggest shopping bonanza of the shopping calendar. Black Friday has become something of a phenomenon in the last few years – with retailers promising big discounts and rewards for signing-up during this pre-festive sale. While there are big money-saving deals to be had indeed – it is easy to get carried away. Remember, with most subscription services you are entering into a contract for a considerable period of time, so it is still essential that you choose the right deal for you.

On a positive note, this is one of the best times of year to switch to a new provider. There are deals that may well solve the problem of what the kids get for Christmas, while other offers could save you a fair bit compared to standard pricing.

We hope you find this information helpful in deciding which Black Friday broadband deal is most suitable for your home. Be sure to check back daily as the latest news trickles into our dedicated Black Friday news article.


Headline offer: 50% OFF Sky TV Packs
Live / End date: Friday 15th November – Thursday 5th December
Sky TV deal

Sky has launched an attractive offer with 50% off Sky TV packs for 18 months. Sky Entertainment remains at £22 a month. However, all additional TV packs have been slashed by half price and you can cancel these packs at anytime. For example Sky Sports can be added for £15 a month extra rather than £30 and Sky Cinema £9.50 extra instead of £19. There’s also discounts on Broadband which costs from £13 a month extra and includes free anytime calls. Sky Broadband on it’s own is £20 – £27 a month and also includes the free call offer.

Sky is viewed by many as still holding the crown for premium TV and tech in the for of their Sky Q platform. Sky also were the first company in the sector to offer free gadgets such as TV’s and game consoles and have also ran some attractive free voucher deals in previous years. However, Sky have more recently been concentrating on offer new customers subscription discounts.

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  • Virgin Media

    Headline offer: Save up to £240
    Live / End date: Thursday 14th November – Monday 2nd December
    Virgin Media

    Virgin Media have launch their Black Friday deals on the 14th November. This year it’s subscription discounts on offer. Get the Bigger bundle for just £45 a month (instead of £57) saving £144. Or join with Virgin’s flagship Ultimate Oomph bundle for just £79 a month (instead of £99) saving £240.

    If you only want Broadband and phone then there the 108mb service at a steal for only £25 a month (instead of £33) saving £96.

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  • BT Broadband

    Headline offer: Up to £125 Reward Card
    Live / End date: 22nd November – Monday 2nd December
    BT broadband deal

    BT are offering a free Reward Card worth up to £125 with their Broadband and bundles. Surprisingly their pre-black Friday deals included a choice of a free TV or Xbox One console, but this offer has failed to return for Black Friday. In-addition to the reward card, you will also receive ‘Half price BT Sport and 6 months free Amazon Prime Video’ when you go for a BT package which includes TV, broadband and phone. It is worth noting that BT Broadband and Packages are now subject to a lengthy 24 month contract. Some customers may not mind when considering the value of the free reward card on offer.

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  • TalkTalk

    Headline offer: Subscription Discounts
    Live / End date: Friday 15th November – Thursday 5th December
    TalkTalk Fibre Broadband deal

    TalkTalk have come up with a great deal for their fastest ‘Unlimited Superfast Fibre’ service. Get 67mb speeds with unlimited allowance and no setup or upfront costs for just £21.95 a month.

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  • NOW TV

    Headline offer: Awaiting Launch
    Live / End date: Friday 22nd November – Wednesday 4th December
    Now Broadband Free Voucher

    NOW TV and Broadband have some attractive offers with big savings this Black Friday. The TV Passes have up to 40% off and their broadband and pass bundles start from just £23.99 a month.

    NOW TV and Broadband services are really taking off. If you weren’t already aware this provider is owned by Sky. The big difference is that you do not need a satellite dish to access Sky TV. Other plus points include a shorter 12 month contract versus 18 months with Sky. On the down-side there’s no full HD option and the hardware is nothing like what the Sky Q box provides – i.e the ability to record 3 shows at once while you watch another show live (or record 5 and watch a 6th with the 2TB Ultra HD Q box).

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  • What about other UK providers?

    It’s not just the big guns entering the Black Friday race. Smaller but well established UK broadband providers are also offering some competitive deals.


    Headline offer: £75 Cashback + No setup cost
    Live / End date: Wednesday 13th November – Monday 2nd December
    Plusnet broadband deal

    Popular provider Plusnet are offering £75 cashback throughout the Black Friday period. The offer is running on all 3 of their broadband services. There’s no upfront cost or activation fee with these deals, bonus! Plusnet are also guaranteeing no price rises throughout your contract which stretches to 2021.

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  • Vodafone

    Headline offer: Free Google Nest Hub Max (RRP £219)
    Wednesday 15th November – Monday 2nd December
    Vodafone Broadband

    Vodafone home broadband are one of the few providers offering a free gadget this year. Go for the 35mb broadband product or the 63mb service for £24 and £28 a month respectively – and get a free Google Nest Hub Max this Black Friday. Got a Vodafone pay monthly mobile contract? If so, get a extra £2 off per month.

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  • EE Broadband

    Headline offer: Awaiting Launch
    Live / End date: Awaiting launch
    EE Broadband

    EE Broadband already have some incentives geared towards it’s large customer base. There’s extra data for pay monthly mobile customers and if you’re thinking of switching to EE Broadband – they will give you £50 credit to compensate towards any early cancellation fees you may be charged by your current provider.

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  • Shell Energy Broadband

    Headline offer: 2 Months Free Fibre Subscription
    Live / End date: Monday 4th November – Sunday 8th December
    Shell Energy Broadband

    Shell Energy Broadband are offering 2 months free subscription with their fibre broadband services starting from £29.99. Plus, there’s no upfront costs to consider.

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  • Conclusion

    We have come to expect that Black Friday and Cyber Monday will deliver on our hopes of saving a small fortune or bagging a great free gift. Although there are some great deals to be seized upon – don’t be duped into jumping-in for the first offer you see. How long is the contract? How much is the monthly cost and does the particular offer give you all that you need, or more than you will use? Certainly enjoy grabbing that perfect Black Friday deal – but carefully consider what you will be getting in return for your commitment to a long term contract.

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