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Origin Broadband – tell me more?

Origin Broadband was established in West Yorkshire in 2011 and became quick to establish itself as a budget broadband supplier. The provider began life utilising a publicly funded Digital Region fibre optic network. More recently, Origin has gone on to run its own privately owned network and have won numerous industry awards.

Origin Broadband packages

Broadband options

Origin Broadband » with speeds up to 17mb – truly unlimited – costs £19.49 per month
Origin Fibre » with speeds up to 38mb – truly unlimited – costs £25.99 per month
Origin Max » with speeds up to 76mb – truly unlimited – costs £29.99 per month

And the Kit?

Services include a free ASUS DSL-N16 router. Origin state that this router is ideal for everyday use. There are two additional router upgrade options available for an extra cost: The ASUS DSL-AC56 and ASUS DSL-AC68 – both of which are attractive optional extra’s, mainly for those who are focused on streaming and online gaming. It is worth noting that, unlike most UK providers, Origin do not charge a router delivery fee. However, at the time of writing – they do expect you to pay for your first months’ subscription upfront.

Optional call packages

With Origin broadband you can add one of three inclusive call packages when at the checkout:

    Evening + Weekend Calls

  • Add to any package
  • Inclusive calls to 01, 02 & 03 and most 0845/0870 numbers
  • From 7pm – 7am, and all weekend
  • £3.49 per month
    Anytime Calls

  • Add to any package
  • Inclusive calls to 01, 02 & 03 and most 0845/0870 numbers
  • Anytime of the day or night 24/7
  • £5.99 per month
    Anytime + International Calls

  • Add to any package
  • Same benefits of Anytime plan
  • Plus, 500 minutes to 36 countries
  • Anytime of the day or night 24/7
  • £7.49 per month

Supersaver option

You can opt for a ‘Supersaver’ contract and save up to 31% on the overall cost of the term of your contract. There are various contract lengths from 12 – 24 months to consider. Basically, you pay for the entire cost of your service upfront, this means you don’t have a monthly bill and you also save as a result. For more information see the current Supersaver deals from Origin Broadband.

Origin Broadband – Positives & Negatives

Origin Broadband
Competitive pricing & upfront costs
Truly unlimited – no caps or slowing
Option to pay for contract upfront to reduce cost

Fibre network not widely available
No free anti-virus software
No hotspots on-the-move

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is a Origin Broadband contract?

Standard Broadband is available on a 12 month contract and fibre broadband on a 18 month contract.
‘Supersaver’ deals are available, whereby you can opt to lengthen and/or pay for your entire contract upfront to receive a discount.

How long does it take to get Origin Broadband installed?

There is no specific time given by Origin at the of writing. You will be advised in your confirmation email about when you can expect your services to go live.

How fast are Origin Broadband speeds?

Origin Broadband’s fastest speed is 76mb with the ‘Max’ package. However, as with all providers (except Virgin Media) – the exact speed is dependent on your distance from your local telephone exchange.

What Broadband limits are there on usage?

No limits on downloads or streaming. No traffic management system, meaning no slowing down at peak times.

Contact Origin Broadband

Origin Broadband Address:
Origin Broadband Ltd
9 Yorkshire Way,
Origin Broadband Customer Services
0800 206 23 33 – option 4
Problem or fault
0800 206 23 33 – option 3
Moving Home
0800 206 23 33 – option 5